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Happy Pride!

Pride month is here!


I love June because it helps us celebrate diversity, inclusiveness, love, acceptance, and friendship. 

This year’s Pride month has been particularly impactful in our home, and I am grateful for the many who have fought for and continue to fight for new and current generations.

–Kenia T.

Because of our “association” and support of Cannabis in all its forms, we have been unable to find an LGBTQ+ charity again this year that we can openly fundraise for.

We’ve found a loophole!

We are pledging 15% of all sales on during the month of June to an LGBTQ+ charity.


On July 1st, we will pick a charity at random from your nominations

In the spirit of transparency, we will publish an update to this post with a screenshot of our sales for June and the donation receipts.

One Reply to “Happy Pride!”

  1. The Boston Alliance of LGBTQ+ Youth (BAGLY) is a wonderful youth-led, adult supported LGBTQ+ center based in downtown Boston that prioritizes leadership and social justice!

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