Does CannaSmack get you high?

No, CannaSmack is made with Hemp Seed Oil which is 100% THC Free and Non-Psychoactive.

Are your lip balms vegan?

We currently offer 3 different formulations:

  1. Original Natural Formula — Not Vegan — Features responsibly sourced beeswax and natural botanical extracts infused with Hemp seed oil.
  2. Original SPF 15 Formula — Not Vegan —  Features responsibly sourced beeswax, natural ingredients, and SPF 15 protection infused with Hemp seed oil.
  3. Vegan lip balm, check out our Plain Mary Jane Vegan Hemp Lip Balm, and Wild Orange Crush Vegan Hemp Lip Balm

Why Natural and SPF 15 Lip Balms?

We wanted to give you — the consumer — a choice on the lip product you use. We understand that All Natural is important, but we know that some consumers prefer SPF protection. At the same time having the option gives you the possibility to have a CannaSmack lip balm for every situation whether you are relaxing at home or hiking in the sun.

Who Owns & Operates CannaSmack?

CannaSmack is owned by Suzanne Hoggan and ran by Kenia Taylor.

Where is CannaSmack Made?

CannaSmack is made in an FDA regulated laboratory in Utah. Our products are 100% Made in the USA and we do not outsource any job functions outside of the USA.

Is CannaSmack Safe for Kids?

Yes! CannaSmack is made with 100% premium hemp seed oil that is THC Free and Non-Psychoactive. both Suzanne’s and Kenia’s  entire family use it on a regular basis so you can feel safe if your little one uses your CannaSmack Lip Balm or Body Lotion.

Why "made to order" items?

In order to stock clothing items we would need to place very large inventory orders with out knowing if they would sell. This is not only financially irresponsible for a small start up like ours but it also produces a lot of potential “waste”.

Our Made to Order items are carefully made for you in the USA; employees are paid living wages and have safe work conditions in addition to supporting ethical business practices.