CannaSmack Cash

An Exclusive Reward System
for the #CannaSmackTribe!

We owe so much gratitude to countless individuals who regularly engage & create authentic content that shines a light on their excitement for our products.
This reward system is our way to say thanks and, of course, incentivize further support, because we genuinely need & appreciate every bit of it.

What is CannaSmack Cash?

CannaSmack Cash is similar to a digital gift card.
$10 CannaSmack Cash is equivalent to $10 USD*, valid only for products & shipping on our website.
*CannaSmack Cash is non-redeemable for cash.

How to Access Your Wallet

Click “My Account” & create an account on
Click “My Wallet” in menu bar to view available balance.

How to Use Your Wallet

Upon check out, you will be presented with payment options.
Click “Wallet”  to use the funds available. 

Partial Payment Allowed

Example: If your total is $25, and you have $10 CannaSmack Cash in your wallet, you may use the $10 available funds in your wallet in addition to $15 via another accepted digital form of payment.


CannaSmack Cash can be used on product & shipping!
We offer free shipping on orders *$25+ | *Final total after any discounts have been applied.

^ CannaSmack Cash is seen as a payment option rather than a coupon. ^

Earning CannaSmack Cash

Once a month, we select at least one person to receive $10 CannaSmack Cash.

We like to reward people who have gone above & beyond in showing us support that month.

Ways You Can Support CannaSmack  

Tell People About CannaSmack

Your authentic recommendation is so valuable & genuinely appreciated.

Follow Us

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Like Our Posts

Ever since we started sending welcome messages when we get new follows,
we’ve been seeing a pattern of people flooding our feed with likes.
This is an amazing way to show support to a brand you newly follow.
We appreciate you so very much.

Share Our Content

Thank you for considering using your platform to help us connect with your audience.
Please be sure to tag us so we can see what you’ve shared!
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Create Original Content

It doesn’t matter how many followers you have; we sincerely appreciate you creating original content featuring CannaSmack.
e types of content we especially love:

Selfies with CannaSmack

CannaSmack Application

Creative/ Stylized / Visually Appealing Product Shots

Photos & captions that tell a story about your relationship with the productBefore & After Photos with Dedicated Use of CannaSmack LUXE! 

Videos – Unboxing, Application, First Try, Product Highlights, etc.
Shared via stories, permanent posts or IGTV!

🏆Answer #2: Cruelty Free ⭐️

Leave Authentic Comments


If you’re needing some help brainstorming the kinds of comments to leave,
(for us or any
other brand you admire) here’s some things to get your wheels turning:

  • What was your first experience with the brand?
    • Did you see someone post about it? Did someone gift it to you? Etc.
    • Brands love hearing how you found out about us so we can put analyze where to put energy into further marketing efforts. 
  • What initially drew you to the company?
    • Cool name? Dig the branding? Etc.
  • Share first-person experience with the products!
    • If you’ve actually used (owned or sampled) the products, your feedback regarding the experience you had is super valuable!
    • What was life like before this product entered your world?
  • If you haven’t tried something:
    • Share your excitement for trying it! Brands love knowing when they’ve made your wishlist.
  • Have you interacted with any humans that represent the brand?
    • Highlight their communication skills.
  • Does the brand go above and beyond?
    • In what ways have you seen this brand support others/ support the community?
  • Did you learn something?
    • Share what you learned, so others who may be reading your comment can learn something new too!
  • Do you have questions?
    • Sometimes a caption leaves out an important detail. It’s helpful to ask questions publicly, so others who are curious can quickly see an answer too. 

Leave Authentic Reviews

Reviews not only help other shoppers gain confidence in purchasing a product,
but in some cases
they also help our products get seen by more potential customers.
Refer to the “leave authentic comments” section above for examples of comments that can be left, in addition to things like:

    • Talk about your favorite flavors!
    • Do you have a preferred formula? (Natural, Vegan, SPF)
    • Explain what you smell & taste.
    • Talk about our products in comparison to your experiences with other products.
    • What are your go-to CannaSmack Luxe Skin Care products?

Review CannaSmack Products on Our Website

Scroll down to the bottom of the individual item’s page to find the section to see & leave reviews

Review CannaSmack Products on

If you have ever shopped for our products on Amazon, please consider leaving us a review!
Your simple contribution could offer such a boost to our sales!

Guidelines for Repost Consideration

Here are some general guidelines for what we deem shareable on CannaSmack channels.
We love to share content created by you. We never wish to restrict your creativity or limit your freedom to create authentically.
Please, do what you feel inspired to do, for your channels, regardless.

Content Quality

  • Quality lighting (natural or studio lighting)
  • No haze or blur
  • No added filters or effects
  • Think: Is this “family friendly”?

Cannabis Restrictions

  • No cannabis is visually present
  • Though we openly support the legalization, decriminalization and overall normalization of cannabis, we must personally abide by certain restrictions when sharing content directly from the CannaSmack platform to avoid further censorship.
    • Confusion manifests easily when cannabis is present in photos. 
    • * Our products contain HEMP SEED OIL which is literally oil extracted from the seeds of hemp plants.  
    • We can sometimes get away with “exhale” photos more easily when a joint/bong/bowl isn’t present in the photo.
  • We’re all about being a team player but if content features other products within our similar marketplace, we simply don’t see it as a beneficial business move to promote competing products on our platform.
    • Before pairing us with another product in an image, ask yourself:  “Do they sell: Lip Balm, Lotion, Skin Care, Body Care, Hair Care, THC products, or CBD products?”

Fine Print

  • Participation

    • Internationally Friendly
      • CannaSmack Tribe worldwide are welcome to participate in this program.
    • Age Restriction
      • For legal reasons, we can only offer this to CannaSmackTribe members that are 18+.
    • Wallet
      • You are responsible for creating your account via the My Account tab on, so we can add CannaSmack Cash to your wallet when it’s been earned.
  • Limits of Redemption

    • The contents of your digital wallet, CannaSmack Cash, is not redeemable for any monetary cash value under any circumstances.
    • CannaSmack Cash is non-transferrable.
    • CannaSmack Cash may be used towards valid products as well as shipping fees.
      • Shipping prices vary depending on your location.
  • CannaSmack Cash is not valid on anything under our “Merch” category. –  This category is currently unavailable; sorry for any inconvenience.  
    • This includes: Leggings, Stickers, etc.
    • If any invalid items are in your cart at checkout, the option to pay with your wallet’s available balance will not even appear.
        • Please make this purchase separately to gain access to your wallet’s funds.
  • Terms of Agreement

    • As a CannaSmackTribe participant & content creator, I may not assume the title or responsibilities of a CannaSmack Brand Ambassador, CannaSmack Affiliate or CannaSmack Employee.
    • False narratives or inappropriate actions in attempt to represent CannaSmack in any official capacity, are terms for dismissal from the program
    • CannaSmack reserves the right to dismiss anyone from this program for not following our Community Guidelines.

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