CannaSmack Cash

An Exclusive Reward System for our #CannaSmackTribe Content Creators!

We owe so much gratitude to countless individuals who regularly create authentic content that shines a light on their excitement for our products.

This NEW reward system is our way to incentivize further themed content creation and reward you for it!

CannaSmack Cash Stash

  • Stash pile adds up when content is created that follows our monthly theme, which is announced in our newsletter.
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    • All appropriately submitted permanent content contributes to the CannaSmack Cash Stash.
      • Content does not have to be reposted for the CannaSmack Cash Stash value to increase.
  • Occasional story posts on IG will announce the amount of CannaSmack Cash that is sitting in the CannaSmack Cash Stash, to encourage further participation.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for the elusive CannaSmack Cash Bonus announcements.
    • Extra participation opportunities.
    • Surprise bonuses added to the CannaSmack Cash Stash from the CannaSmack Cash Fairy.

Enter to Win CannaSmack Cash!

  • All original content following guidelines and featuring CannaSmack are automatically entered for that month’s CannaSmack Cash Stash winnings.
  • Bonus points if we repost your content.
  • Tags

    • Use #CannaSmack @CannaSmack and tag us in the post itself, to cover all your bases and ensure we see your post.
  • Monthly Theme

    • Reposted content that doesn’t, in some way, incorporate the monthly theme will not be considered as an official entry. (But is still so very appreciated!)
  • Story Posts

    • When we repost your story posts in our story this does not count as an official entry. If we permanently repost your story content in our main feed, it does.
  • Guidelines for Repost Consideration

    • Think: Is this “family friendly”?
    • Though we openly support the legalization, decriminalization and overall normalization of cannabis, we must personally abide by certain restrictions when sharing content directly from the CannaSmack platform to avoid further censorship.
      • Confusion manifests easily when cannabis is present in photos. Although we think Blue Dream by CannaSmack looks super cute next to a fat nug of Blue Dream, we unfortunately can’t re-share this.
      • This includes CBD products too.
      • We can sometimes get away with “exhale” photos more easily when a joint/bong/bowl isn’t present in the photo.
    • We’re all about being a team player but if content features other products within our similar marketplace, we simply don’t see it as a beneficial business move to promote competing products on our platform.
      • Before pairing us with another product in an image, ask yourself: 
        • “Do they sell: Lip Balm, Lotion, Skin Care, Body Care, Hair Care, Leggings, THC products, CBD products.

How We Select a Winner

  • The ascending order in which we repost content will act as our numbering system.
  • Unlimited entries are allowed per month.
  • Each repost counts as a new entry.
  • At the end of the monthly cycle, the CannaSmack team will create a list of content creators who have contributed and assign them to a number slot (or several).
  • We will use a random number generator to fairly select a winner.
  • Winner will be announced via story post on IG.


  • How to Access:

    • Create an account on
    • Click “My Wallet” in menu bar to view available balance.
  • How to Use:

    • Upon check out, you will be presented with payment options.
    • Click “Wallet”
  • Partial Payment Allowed:

    • You may use the available funds in your wallet in addition to a cash payment.

Fine Print

  • Participation

    • Internationally Friendly
      • CannaSmack Tribe worldwide are welcome to participate in this program.
    • Age Restriction
      • For legal reasons, we can only offer this to CannaSmackTribe members that are 18+.


  • Limits of Redemption

    • The contents of your wallet, CannaSmack Cash, is not redeemable for any monetary cash value under any circumstances.
    • CannaSmack Cash is non-transferrable.
    • CannaSmack Cash may be used towards valid products as well as shipping fees.
      • Shipping prices vary depending on your location.
  • CannaSmack Cash is not valid on anything under our “Merch” category.
    • This includes: Leggings, Stickers, etc.
    • If any invalid items are in your cart at checkout, the option to pay with your wallet’s available balance will not even appear.
        • Please make this purchase separately to gain access to your wallet’s funds.
  • Terms of Agreement

    • As a CannaSmackTribe content creator, I may not assume the title or responsibilities of a CannaSmack Brand Ambassador, or CannaSmack Employee.
    • False narratives or inappropriate actions in attempt to represent CannaSmack in any official capacity, are terms for dismissal from the program.
    • CannaSmack reserves the right to dismiss content creators from this program for not following our Community Guidelines.