• Beyond Skin Care; the truth about taking care of your skin.

    Morally, we feel we can’t sell a line of skin care products under the impression that using CannaSmack Luxe alone will give anyone ‘perfect skin, always’. There are many other contributing factors to skin care including: intrinsic maintenance (what we nourish our body with), our hormonal balance/imbalances, environmental contributors, mental health, and minor avoidable ‘bad-habits’,

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  • How to Use CannaSmack LUXE

    CannaSmack LUXE is a line of hemp infused skin care, formulated with premium botanical and herbal extracts that promote healthy and glowing skin for all skin types including: sensitive, acne prone, oily and normal to dry skin. Though directions for individual product application are stated under each product listing on our website, we often get inquiries Continue Reading
  • CannaSmack Holiday Gift Guide

    The season for gift giving is upon us, so we felt inspired to put together a CannaSmack Holiday Gift Guide to help navigate the popular items in our collection. You can make a difference! Support all small, hard-working teams such as the female owned and operated team here at CannaSmack by making a conscious decision

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  • CannaSmack Luxe Skin Care Oil – Good for all the right reasons!

    Facial treatment oils are one of the hottest trends and at CannaSmack we decided to launch a proprietary blend collection of Hemp Infused skin care oils that will leave your skin glowing. CannaSmack Luxe Hydrating Cleansing Oil: Regardless of your skin type cleansing oils mix with the oils on your face allowing you to remove

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