CannaSmack & #FreeTheLeaf

When we first started this business we never imagined that we would be transformed into Cannabis activist overnight, we understood the misconceptions and stigma associated with Cannabis but we never expected the backlash we received from a Hemp based product.

The #FreeTheLeaf campaign originated as an initiative to fight the media censorship of the Cannabis leaf and has been transformed into a positive education campaign with the aim to support legalization and normalization of Cannabis as a whole.

We want to do our part but we can’t fight this battle alone, we invite you to join our #FreeTheLeaf movement by sharing light and knowledge with anyone who might listen. We encourage you to become social advocates because even if you do not change someone’s mind today you may have planted a seed of curiosity that could change the stigma in someone’s mind in the future.

CannaSmack Pledges 2% of Profits to NORML

As part of our #FreetheLeaf campaign every time you purchase CannaSmack products you are helping support the cause; we have partnered with NORML for the 2017 year and have pledged to donate 2% of profits to support the legalization and normalization of Cannabis.


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