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Why we have stopped using the word “Tribe”

Growing up, the word “Tribe” never had a negative connotation. To me, “tribe” has always been synonymous with friendship, family, & community; however, it is my firm belief that we must never shy away from personal growth as individuals.

Similarly, at CannaSmack we constantly learn and evolve as a company, making it necessary to evaluate our practices and make the required changes for responsible, ethical, and morally sound business.

Moving forward we will no longer use the word “tribe”.

Over the past few months, I have had the chance to learn that “tribe” can be offensive to first nations and other POC groups due to the violence, history, and negative connotations applied through practices of colonialism.

Words not only have meaning, but they hold power; as a Mexican woman with a beautiful and strong indigenous grandmother, this hit particularly close to home. I refuse to perpetuate the pain and suffering of indigenous groups, if even in a small part, by using a word simply because my personal experience has not been a negative one.

From now on, we will use the term “CannaSmack Squad” to refer to our community. I hope you can continue to support us in this journey.

Love & Light

Kenia T.

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