Rejuvenating Eye & Lip Serum

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Our CannaSmack Luxe Rejuvenating Eye & Lip Serum is a treasure to behold. Liquid Crystals are combined with “intelligent” antioxidants to protect the skin from reactive oxygen species found in pollution and corrects the damage caused to healthy skin from imbalanced molecules. An emollient protective barrier shields the skin from the environment’s aging factors and helps restore your skin to a more youthful appearance.

Ideal For: Dry, Sensitive, Mature Skin
Benefits: Anti-Aging, Renewing, Protectant
Available in 0.02oz Bottle

Directions:  Gently apply a small amount of CannaSmack Luxe Rejuvenating Eye and Lip Serum around your eyes and/or on lips. For best results use on clean skin at night before bedtime.


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