New Year Giveaway

We are so excited to start 2021 with an amazing New Year’s Giveaway! We have teamed up with some AMAZING women from The Female Founder’s Collective and brought together a unique collection of some amazing products that you are guaranteed to enjoy.

What is Included:

CannaSmack Gift Pack:

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Chixotic Purple Leaf Tranquilitea

Chixotic was launched to enrich the lives of tea lovers all around the world with unique, authentic, and exotic tea while concurrently supporting the livelihood of African Farmers. Chixotic tea is grown in Kenya, the only country in the world that can grow purple tea.

Purple Tranquilitea contains more antioxidants than any other tea from the camellia sinensis tea plant; is 100% all-natural and free of artificial colors and flavors

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Juliana & Josh Roslin are on a mission to design and craft art locally, employ environmentally conscious practices and give back to the community through various channels.

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ShadowMoon – Reusable Shadow Shield

ShadowMoon is a reusable shadow shield for fast and flawless eye makeup application.  ShadowMoon’s flexible Silicone design protects your face from eyeshadow fallout during application and helps achieve the perfect application of eyeshadow and winged eyeliner.  ShadowMoon is designed with a grip for ease of application so no adhesive is required.

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Dafero – Date Spread

Great taste shouldn’t mean compromising your health. This is why Dafero focuses on crafting great-for-you sweets.

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Modern lingerie that supports your precious goods while still looking good. TITOV is made of high-quality sustainable materials, is size-inclusive (if you can’t find it they will make it!) with unique and attractive designs.

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ItFits Bar


The goal of IT FITS is to fit everyone’s life, not just those who are vegan or gluten-free.

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Serenity Threads

Serenity Threads is all about cute, handmade, jewelry and accessories that are designed with the beach in mind. Through each special collection (Ex. Laniakea Beach Collection) we are able to donate to an environmental cause of that area.

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Health Coaching with Leeann Rybakov

I work with women to help them achieve their long term health goals-whether it be stress reduction. sleep, weight, having more energy. I can offer 2 free hours of health coaching.
  • 2 Free Hours of Health Coaching

Website | @leeannrwellness

How to Win:

  1. Check out our blog on our website @ (link in bio). Leave us a comment letting us know which participating items you are most excited about.
  2. Make sure you follow @CannaSmack @chixotictea @ready2hangart @liftsbar @shadowmoonbeauty @serenitythreadsofficial @daferodates @titovlabel on Instagram.
  3. Like and tag at least two friends on this post, bonus entry points for every additional friend you share this with.
  4. Earn bonus entry points by liking and commenting (with kindness) on participating brand pages. Tag #cannasmacktribe at the end of your comment so we can keep track!

On January 31st, 2021, we will pick two main prize winners. Don’t forget to check back with us daily for chances to earn extra points.

5 replies on “New Year Giveaway

  • Maddie Jewell

    How am I supposed to pick one thing I’m most excited about?! All of this looks AMAZING. If I had to pick, I would have to say I’m super excited about the wall art.

  • Whitney Brady

    It’s hard to pick just one item. I’m always excited about all your skin products. I love trying out new things & the purple tea sounds amazing. Extra bonus for having Serenity Threads; love the vibes it gives.

  • Meghan McAndrews

    I’ve never purchased anything from this brand before but wow am I amazed by all their selection, I totally believe in the vegan and hemp world so I’m excited about a lot of things in this. If I had to choose a few that I’m most excited about they would have to be the vegan limp balm, detoxifying charcoal masque, and the night cream.

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