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Michigan Glass Project (Detroit – 2017)

Flash back to one of our favorite events of the year: @TheMichiganGlassProject

The Michigan Glass Project is a group of creators who come together to unite the community through charitable events, showcasing the talent and culture of Michigan. Artists and admirers flock from all over, to unite for this yearly event, which keeps the momentum of the movement going all year long.

This was our second year attending the annual MGP event, but our third time hosting a booth at a MGP event, as we were lucky enough to be involved in a holiday show they hosted last year as well. We are always incredibly thrilled by the kinds of humans that attend these shows; they are truly inspiring in every which way.

This year, at the 2017 MGP, Madison @HappyTokes hosted the Cannasmack booth alongside tribe member Dayle @NightlyNova. In the spirit of the event, these two best friends worked hard on live paintings and gave @cannasmack gifts to friends who stopped by to hang out.

@HappyTokes hosted a $1 raffle for a ton of awesome prizes. The Michigan Glass Project received the entirety of the monetary donation, and the lucky winner of the raffle received: A @MagicalButter machine, Limited Edition @HappyTokes HappyLeaf @Budder_Blocks torch (& box of q-tips), @BeLitBrand candle with gemstone pendant inside and a bunch of @Cannasmack goodies.

Tribe member @Gem_Marcy saw how much fun Madison and Dayle were having and accepted their invitation to return with her own supplies to paint!

@jakecorchado710 took this a espme@photo of @happytokes and @gemmarcy painting at @themichiganglassproject

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Medical Pandas stopped by the @cannasmack booth to hide a prize with @NightlyNova.

**Found** Hidden package #3 is with @nightlynova at the @cannasmack booth!! @themichiganglassproject #themichiganglassproject

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The event was jam-packed with lots of talented friends; many of which came by to peek at the progress of Madison and Dayle’s painting.

Jason Gordon @JasonGordon315 drove out from upstate New York for the event. He brought several new prototype pieces along with him for his new manager @HappyTokes to see for the first time. She was also gifted a very special “Little Bastard” decorated with three @GoofBallGlass characters. We loved watching her reaction videos!

A handful of tribe members stopped by to show their love as the creation process was underway.

@samanthahallerr & @melanietobias7 ❤️ with @happytokes ? at @themichiganglassproject ?✨

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The final collaborated painting, featuring @NightlyNova’s galaxy background and a logo replication done by @HappyTokes, was donated to The Michigan Glass Project’s auction and was sold at the very end of the event. Madison and Dayle’s first ever collaboration belongs to @Puff_Factory, who we’ve heard will also be receiving a HappyTokes/NightlyNova collab painting with their logo.

HappyTokesTribe member Holly @ha_holmes hung out for several days of the event, watching the progress of the painting from start to finish. She also brought her mom along to have a discussion with Madison @HappyTokes about Cannabis as medicine.

? I was on a mission and got really pre-occupied with this collaborated painting by myself and @nightlynova this weekend at @themichiganglassproject ?, but I was grateful to see @_haholmes stick around to hang out for multiple days. ? She even brought her mom along one day and I pulled myself away to have a long discussion about medicating with cannabis. ❤️ My heart explodes with gratitude for this experience, as the universe is always gifting me the most beautiful signs. ✨ Holly is much more than an active member of the @happytokestribe, she is also the youngest baby cousin of one of my best friends from elementary school. ? I grew up alongside sweet little Holly, once upon a time. It feels quite magical to have her support and equally to be able to offer my support in return. ? I encourage you all to speak openly about cannabis with your loved ones. If you’re not quite ready to have that discussion, take some time to visit my website (link in bio) to load up on facts and advice for a positive outcome to the discussion. . ? Click the menu bar on my website to discover interviews I’ve done with affiliate sites such as @massroots @hightimesmagazine @budtenderslife @marijuanadotcom @merryjane & more! ? . #happytokestribeunite #happytokestour

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@_haholmes scooped a @nightlynova original at @themichiganglassproject ? @cannasmack ? @thirdeyepinecones @wokeface

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Its always such a pleasure to rub elbows with the stars of this community. We encourage you all to keep creating and sharing your love with the world.

If you’re interested in learning more about Michigan Glass Project please don’t hesitate to look them up! Supporting local, handmade glass art is such a fulfilling accomplishment. We look forward to supporting this community for many, many years to come!

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