@MarfanLadyNath #CannaSmackTribe Member Highlight

Name & IG: Christy Nath @marfanladynath

Christy wearing a #CannaSmackTribe pin which was received
when coming to meet us at Hempfest, Seattle in 2018. 

#FlavoriteCannaSmack:  Currently my #Flavoritecannasmack is Blue Dream, with Wild Orange Crush and @HappyTokes Peach tied for second.

Tell us a little about yourself:
I am a 35 year old warrior princess. I am an aunt to 2 beautiful girls and a fur momma to 1 dog (Leila) and 2 cats (Tiddles and Toothless). I grew up in California until I was 21 and moved to Oregon with some friends in 2004 and I haven’t left the Pacific Northwest since. I met my husband at work in 2009 and we just celebrated 2 years of marriage in August! I love going to concerts (especially for Dave Matthews Band), taking pictures, going for hikes and hanging out with friends. I find the most joy when I am cooking with my husband , spending time with my nieces or participating in community events advocating for The Marfan Foundation. I hope to one day be able to work from home and be even more involved with The Marfan Foundation community.

How did you first find out about CannaSmack?
I first found out about Cannasmack by watching @happytokes live streams, of course. I mean if you watch the live streams and don’t have Cannasmack, then you are missing out. 

“Only 24hrs and you can already see the redness getting lighter. My skin feels more hydrated and less itchy. This the best skincare I’ve ever used. Thank you @cannasmack for makingsuch an amazing product. 
 #happytokes #happytokestribe#smackattack #cannasmack#cannasmackluxe”

Have you ever tried CannaSmack Luxe? If so what are your “must-have” products?
YES! CannaSmack Luxe is the only thing I use on my skin anymore. My must-have products are the Cleansing Oil, Rejuvenating Eye Serum, and the Revitalizing Serum. I have tried almost every product and haven’t found one that my skin didn’t appreciate.

Please share something you learned from CannaSmack!

CannaSmack has taught me so much about skincare and the importance of an oil based cleanser. I had never used an oil based cleanser before and was skeptical at first, but I am now a #CannaSmackLifer.

Do you have any #FreeTheLeaf / #SmackAttack stories to share?
Anytime I am out with my friends and someone needs a chapstick, they always come to me. 

If you could choose a new CannaSmack flavor what would it be?
Cucumber lime sounds delicious and refreshing. My husband asks “is there a beard oil coming?” He uses my hemp infuser oil currently.

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