Happy 2 Years with HappyTokes

March 18, 2018.

On this date, exactly two years ago, I made my first posts sharing excitement for my new favorite lip balm, CannaSmack! Three months after our first engagements, CannaSmack launched Pre-Sale for the first ever CannaSmack co-branded flavor “@HappyTokes Peach”. Since then, a whirlwind of humbling experiences have unfolded so quickly!! I feel its important to take time to properly document and honor this journey; if nothing more than to thank the incredible women who have believed in me, in ways no one else ever has. – Maybe, it will also serve as evidence to the absolute magic that manifests when we truly believe in and support one another.

About the CannaSmack Team:
Both brilliant and kind, Suzanne and Kenia are the power-house female team that are the foundation and heart of this brand. They have been best friends for 8 years, but have still yet to physically meet in person. (Yes, I’m determined to see this happen someday soon! They truly deserve it!)

Suzanne @WaxingGurus is a master esthetician – she works so incredibly hard to self-fund CannaSmack; I’ve had the pleasure of being present in her studio while she has clients coming through and its incredible to hear laughter rolling through the walls. (Who knew waxing could be so much fun!?)

Kenia @BrandHypeMedia is a designer, responsible for so much of CannaSmack’s existence that I fear that attempting to list her responsibilities wouldn’t nearly do her efforts justice. Though for sake of summary she does everything from the beautiful designs for the branding of the company, designing and maintaining our website, managing accounts and orders, and everything in between!

This blog post was originally inspired by a recent flashback post, explaining a brief summary of my journey with cannabis & celebrating 4 years as @HappyTokes. After sharing, I took some time to reflect upon the incredible journey that I’ve had with CannaSmack and was overwhelmed with joy as I fully realized how much we’ve accomplished, how many unforgettable experiences I’ve had and how many important people that have come into my world; all because of opportunities that my journey with CannaSmack has bestowed upon me.

So, I invite you to celebrate with me, my official two year journey with CannaSmack, by diving in to this extensive winding tale; beginning chronologically with my first post highlighting CannaSmack all the way to today (and even a plug for a few notable upcoming events). Though it’s quite a collection of stories, I encourage you to read through them all (including the captions to each post) so you can fully understand the serendipitous nature of many of these bonds.

March 18, 2016 – First CannaSmack Posts

Originally, Kenia found me through Instagram via my @HappyTokes platform and inquired via DM about whether I would be interested in sampling their lip balm. I was immediately in love with the vibe of the branding and couldn’t wait to try them out. Upon receiving my first package, Maui Wowie was the first flavor I opened, and I was instantly in love!

March 23, 2016 – Understanding the Brand

Through occasional phone calls, I was being educated about CannaSmack’s core values and truly couldn’t help but fall deeper in love with the company.

May 1, 2016 – HappyTokes Discount Code Activated

Early on in our discussions, I was offered an opportunity to collaborate with CannaSmack; to create a ‘limited edition’ @HappyTokes Lip Balm with my choice of flavor.  In this post, where I announce the HappyTokes discount code had been activated, I actually hint to the new flavor in the works.

May 25, 2016 – First intentional meet up with a HappyTokesTribe Member.

Up until this point in time, natural social anxieties caused me to be quite hesitant towards the idea of making plans to meet up with people. I was incredibly open to the idea that we would eventually cross paths naturally, but it wasn’t until Sarah @Sarahflowbeara contacted me that I changed my mind and realized, sometimes I just need to take a chance. Sarah and her boyfriend @SwankGlass had made the trip from Arkansas to get some studio time with @GalileoGlass who’s studio wasn’t too far from me.

While writing this flashback, Sarah reminded me that I came bearing gifts, including…CannaSmack!! (Stay tuned to hear about how our friendship grows and how she makes an impact amongst the tribe.)

June 4, 2016 – CannaSmack Launches HappyTokes Peach Lip Balm Pre-Sale

Pre-Sale launched and I was over-the-moon! Simply oozing with excitement. HappyTokes… on my new favorite LIP BALM! WHAT!? PEACH too! Ahhh. So yummy!

The HappyTokes Peach label was the very first to have a vibrant pattern with characters and such, which Kenia says she designed with me in mind. The labels were already bright & inviting, but this pattern added a whole new happy & bubbly groove. Eventually, all the original flavors got a make-over with their own unique patterns!

I felt quite included in the production of this lip balm, including sneak peeks of the peachy pattern as Kenia developed it. During this process I learned a lot about the kind of humans that were behind this brand. Initially, they weren’t satisfied with the peach flavor, apparently it tasted like “diet peach”, so they were honest with me and told me they were re-doing the whole batch. I was humbled that they cared so much to ensure they were putting out the best product possible.

Though Kenia really kept me in the loop on the production process of the lip balms, there was one thing she surprised me with: HappyTokes Peach merch!

June 15, 2016 HappyTokes Peach Tank 

A ‘limited time only’ HappyTokes Peach tank was added to the CannaSmack website. All merch is ‘Made to Order’, meaning that its made just for you, after your order has been placed.

(Please patiently wait 3-5 business days for production before shipment!)

Also, on this day, pre-sale period concluded, as the HappyTokes Peach was now available for shipment!

June 17, 2016 – They’re HERE!!

This was the first day I got to officially experience the magic of the HappyTokes Peach flavor. At this point in time, this flavor was intended to be a limited run, but eventually it became a permanent part of the CannaSmack collection.

June 19, 2016 – @GalleryByPass – (Detroit, MI)

Long story short, once upon a time I had a project where I was exploring self-transformation (@Cambio_ ) which eventually led to me strategically gluing craft fur on my face to become a variety of characters. Sharing photos of these creatures caught the attention of local creatives; I was invited to become one of these creatures via live performance. Eager to represent CannaSmack at every given opportunity, I got permission to set up some lip balms at this event and had a friend assist me, as I realized very quickly I was in over my head with the whole multi-tasking thing. Despite not having CannaSmack as my main focus, we received such positive feedback about the products. I sincerely looked forward to when I could show CannaSmack what my full-attended hustle looked like.

June 23 – 26, 2016 – EF Mishap – (MI)

So this part of the story is a bit embarrassing on my behalf, but its pretty crucial in understanding the roller-coaster we’ve been on as a team, since the very beginning.

I had plans to attend a popular festival in my home state (for the very first time) and was quite over-confident in my ability to bring CannaSmack into the event with me. Having entered through a non-vendor entrance, (unlike my original plan) our RV was thoroughly searched. (Oh CRAP!) When security discovered CannaSmack and asked my how much it cost, I naively answered the question rather than just saying “Free Buddy”!!  There was no turning back once they saw the quantity of products I had on me (it was a lot), and how on-point the branding is! (Learning moment for small brands and entrepreneurs: You typically need a permit to distribute products or marketing materials at events!)

Everything was being confiscated and my anxiety went into overdrive; I couldn’t help but cry… okay I sobbed. I was devastated thinking of how I had already let Suzanne & Kenia down. I didn’t know how I was going to find the right words to explain what had happened. (Ultimately I recognized that owning up to the truth is always the best policy. I shared every last detail including how my reaction to this circumstance led to even further confiscation. They respected my honesty and instead of punishing me got me EXCITED about figuring out how to do it right in the future! — This was when I recognized they were really, truly on my team.)

As I was saying, during the initial EF mishap, I began sobbing (unfortunately quite hysterically), over the loss of all these CannaSmack products as it was unfolding, which security said encouraged them to search the RV further. (Ugh!) Unfortunately, this led to the permanent confiscation of a functional glass piece by @JasonGordon315 & a dabber by @EmperialGlass. Though I had just met @EmperialGlass for the first time 4 months prior, I didn’t actually know who made the functional piece we had been using, at this point in time. In utter devastation, I was determined to find the artist and get a replacement piece to make amends for what I felt was a loss I could have prevented, (had I kept my cool when they swiped all the lip balms.) I immediately began my hunt by calling local glass shops and digging through Instagram. (Stay tuned for an incredibly positive outcome to this story!)

Despite not having CannaSmack on me to gift to friends I encountered as planned, I still made the most out of my experience. I was able gift other items & follow up with CannaSmack in HappyMail.

July 22nd – 24th, 2016 – First Pop-Up at @MichiganGlassProject – (Detroit, MI)

This was CannaSmack’s first official pop-up at an event; it felt good to have the opportunity to do things right! We were welcomed with open arms by this insanely talented and generous community.

Learn more about Michigan Glass Project and Art Road NonProfit

Attending this event, being stationed behind the CannaSmack booth allowed me the opportunity to officially meet a handful of new friends at this event including:

@EranParkGlass Eran was all smiles when he came by to gift me these two Illegos pendants (one to keep and one to share). He thanked me for my presence as HappyTokes and I was humbled by the recognition. – Eran has since become a key creator in the HappyTokesTribe community. His Illegos themes dabbers, rigs and pendants are a staple in many TRIBE collections.

@BlairArtGlass – Kenia saw this photo when I shared it and immediately fell in love; upon learning this, I knew it belonged to her! (Stay tuned for when I get to see her wearing it for the first time!)

@GlassByBoots – Gina was hanging out at the booth next to ours, and had heard me enthusiastically pitch the product to so many people that she had to come over and see what it was all about. We got to talking about her artwork and as she was describing her fruit & plant themed borosilicate creations, for a moment, I struggled to connect that I was in fact speaking to a woman whose work I sincerely admired digitally for quite some time. Upon making the connection, I was a bit star-struck, honestly. It was at this event that I scooped one of her Strawberries. Not only did I get it signed but Gina and I got to hang out and chat after the booths shut down, which was really incredible to learn about where the inspiration for creations were rooted. (Stay tuned for more highlights with this creator!)


This sweet mermaid-soul gifted me one of the very first pendants she made. (Stay tuned for the following year when she comes back to paint with me under the CannaSmack booth!)

@BanjoGlass & his family (Wife & kids)
Banjo’s artwork makes waves amongst the glass and cannabis communities alike, for his skill, style, and of course the impressive value t0 his pieces.


August 2, 2016 – #LiveFreeHappyTokes

Since the EF Mishap, I had discovered who Jason Gordon was digitally but it didn’t seem like he was producing a lot of work. When submitting my request to him for a series of commissioned pieces, I felt like he might need some extra convincing which inspired me to create the tribute tag #LiveFreeHappyTokes. I went back through all my old content featuring this piece that was confiscated, and organized it so that he could see how much we cherished his artwork. Jason and his family were touched! — Since, I’ve continued adding to this content when I use one of his pieces.

August 11 – 18, 2016  – Live Free Fields

We were invited to Jason’s family’s property, named #LiveFreeFields, and drove from Michigan to upstate NY, to pick up these custom pieces (and one more that was going to be made while we watched!).

Immensely proud, and truly a fan of the product, I always have my CannaSmack with me! We stopped at a farm in Pennsylvania on our drive from Michigan to upstate New York, and I couldn’t resist grabbing this picture of our peachy collab in a pile of fresh peaches!

It was so awesome to watch Jason grooving on the torch. His energy emitted confidence and joy. Music was blasting as a few of his friends melted glass alongside him, under a large outdoor covered area.

@Senoih & @GlassbyYani looked familiar, I think the first time we actually crossed paths was Michigan Glass Project, but it was awesome to have this more intimate setting to get to know them. One day, I sat down to teach one of Jason’s nieces how to make flower crowns – #LiveFreeFields was abundant with wildflowers & I simply couldn’t help but collect and create from the moment I arrived. Jessica “Yani” sat down with us and we bonded in sisterhood, while twisting together wildflowers. They can both be seen behind myself and Jason in this photo!

#livefreehappytokes @happytokes #LiveFreeDabHard

A post shared by livefreedezigns@live.com (@jasongordon315) on

We stayed in upstate NY a bit longer than planned, because Jason so kindly invited me to get behind the torch. I had a semester of experience in soft glass from college, but had never had any-one invite me to really understand the difference between the two. Jason is an incredible teacher, and insisted I was a natural.

During this adventure, I got the opportunity to bond with and learn from Jason’s sister Anesia @anesiag and his wife Jozette, who is the Creatrix of a popular line of clothing intended for performers (@slit_weave) She, herself, is a professional fire dancer and teacher, and also performs as “Luna Hawks”.

More of Jason’s pieces came home with us than we originally planned. How incredible it was to sesh with these pieces in their birthplace. This one, in particular, features a pink fumed dot tubing from @ErinCarteeGlass.

What does all of this have to do with CannaSmack? Had the ‘EF Mishap’ never happened, I wouldn’t have lost the piece and ultimately feeling such a strong urge to track down and bond with this family. They remain to be very important people to me.
(Stay tuned! As this story continues to unfold you’ll discover when we unite again!)

August 26 – 28, 2016 – High Times Country Fair Cup (Clio, MI)

Having attended several HTCannabisCup events prior to this, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to set up and host a CannaSmack booth at one.

Importantly noted, to all aspiring entrepreneurs, things rarely go as planned. It’s important to remain calm and work out all the possible solutions. When in doubt, don’t be afraid to accept the help of friends.

September 2, 2016 – Culture Magazine “Cool Stuff” Feature

The month of September started off on an incredibly high note, as my editor chose to support me by featuring the HappyTokes Peach CannaSmack Lip Balm amongst the “Cool Stuff” section of Culture Magazine. The Cool Stuff section is the same, nationally, so this was extra exciting exposure to receive!

September 6, 2016 – Photoshoot with Amy @AcronymOfficial – (Detroit, MI)

Amy is a local photographer who I had been friends with on Facebook for quite a while. We met up for the first time for a CannaSmack photo shoot on Belle Isle, with goal to document my HappyTokes Peach CannaSmack and vibrant peachy CannaSmack leggings too.

Gallery of photos from this shoot can be seen on my blog.

September 19, 2016 – MerryJane Feature

A photo that Amy @AcronymOfficial took of me, was featured in this article “Who’s Who Amongst Cannabis Industry Movers and Shakers (September Edition)” written by @ZoeWilder for MerryJane. Zoe was responsible for making the connection for many media plugs following this. — MerryJane was an exciting publication to have an interview published with, considering it’s founders are Ted Chung and Snoop Dogg.


September 23, 2016 – Detroit Design Ball,  Fashion Show – (Detroit, MI)

I had the pleasure of modeling for an annual local fashion show I had walked in several years prior. On this occasion,  I walked on behalf of two designers. You’ll see me wearing a dress boy my talented friend @thebridgetshow in this first image.

Though my experience with this set of locks has been a personal and natural journey, a local loctician Sandy @GratefulDreads_AnnArbor, who I was connected with through social media, invited me to walk with her collection. My hair went up in wild buns with some of their added faux-locks and I got the opportunity to dress myself!

Having lots of experience with modeling type gigs, I actually came prepared with the perfect outfit! I wore a long-sleeve black @slit_weave top, which she made just for me; it has a cannabis leaf slit and woven into the back! I paired Jozette’s top with my HappyTokes Peach CannaSmack leggings… cause DUH!

September 24 – 27, 2016 – Birthday Adventure; Quartz Mining (Arkansas)

The treasure hunter in my soul has always wanted to go on such an adventure. This was my first time. We departed Michigan headed to Arkansas to celebrate my 24th birthday (Sept 21st). Arkansas is abundant with Quartz & we were ablate visit several mining sites to gather treasures from mother earth.

Alongside gifts from tribe friends such as CannaSmack, these Quartz remain to be gifted amongst the tribe in my HappyMail to this day. (See @HappyTokesTribe)

On the way back, @SarahFlowBeara & @SwankGlass kindly invited us by to visit & even allowed us to stay in their home so we could take our time driving back.

October 8, 2016 – Artist Appreciation Day at local shop – (Ann Arbor, MI)

Some friends were hosting an Artist Appreciation event at a local glass shop, @BongzandThongz. I hosted a little CannaSmack pop-up where customers could sniff the products in all their glory, before they purchased them. This event was extra exciting for me because I knew that @JasonGordon315 and his family members: Wife, Jozette @slit_weave, and sister, Anesia @Anesiag, were making the drive from upstate NY.

You can see Jozette with her hoop in this time-lapse.

This was the first day that I had the pleasure of meeting Danny @Dano.Polo in real life. Just a few months prior, on September 14th, 2016, I received a message from Danny inquiring about my HappyMail program and how he could get involved. That was the first time I had looked at his page. I immediately discovered from his bio that he was “Kicking Cancer’s Ass With Good Vibes” and upon gathering his shipping info I realized that not only did we live in the same state, but we were in the same city at the time too.

Yay @happytokes so happy to meet you!

A post shared by danny 🐒 (@dano.polo) on

Prior to him coming by to meet me for this event, I sneakily collected digital messages filled with good vibes from the TRIBE and hand-wrote them for a fat-stack of HappyMail to get him started, as I could sense Danny truly had a desire to make new friends.  – Since early on in our friendship, I admired Danny’s openness about so many aspects of his personal journey with  stage 3 colon cancer. Though he was raw and real when things sucked, much of his outlook was positive and humorous, especially revolving around his colostomy bag; I think the poop emoji was his favorite. (Stay tuned to learn about some highlights with Danny.)

October 12, 2016 – @GlassRootsArtShow – (Madison, WI)

Bubble juggling using @Monkey_Os with glass-masters and at this playful CannaSmack booth.

At this event, I got the opportunity to contribute some cold-working to Project33 by @MarcelGlass!

Jozette @Slit_weave can be seen making another cameo appearance in this time lapse where I’m teaching a new little friend how to use his magic powers.

October 28, 2016 – Caught up with Danny

Following the artist appreciation event, Danny @Dano.Polo and I met up at that same location a few more times, and (as you’ll discover) many local events to follow before his passing on Nov 16, 2017. Despite his body betraying him and the chemical treatments he was enduring as he battled cancer, I was beyond impressed with Danny’s drive to connect with the community; he was thrilled to get the opportunity to connect with such incredibly talented people – so proud to know everyone.

I like to do happy things with happy people in happy places #happytokestribeunite

A post shared by danny 🐒 (@dano.polo) on

The caption from this post gives a glimpse into how much Danny made the most out of this community, from the moment he felt welcomed.

If you haven't already… I'd like you to meet my new friend Danny! On September 14th, just over a month ago, @dano.polo reached out inquiring about my "Pay it Forward HappyMail System". He had reached out a few times prior to interact, but it wasn't until he bought several HappyMail packages for other people that I really looked at his page and began to have interest in what Danny's story was. 👊🏻 Kicking cancers ass with good vibes, one day at a time; this vibrant character was instantly a natural tribe leader with such a gesture too! 💕 My heart was full seeing that he wanted to make friends with others in this community, so I put out a live Insta story (with Danny blocked 😏 yes I'm sneaky often) asking friends to send me a messages with good vibes for this tribe member, newly on my radar. After receiving the messages from so many of you lovely souls, I hand wrote each Ig name and message on individual post cards and put them in the mail. From that point on, Danny's ability to make friends within the @HappyTokesTribe has truly warmed my heart. THIS is what I always dreamed this community would become; a safe place to connect. I've seen this young man share his light with so many of you already; it's actually quite clear to me who's really paying attention based upon who connects with who. 🙏🏻☺️ A prime example of the light in this community: Despite all his struggles – be it physical, mental, spiritual, what-have-you… Danny messages potential new friends fearlessly; shares content tagging brands he's found through the tribe; uses tribe hashtags; invites friends to #HappyTokesSesh with him; sends HappyMail to friends he's made; purchases art from talented souls in this community; and has even made his way out to meet me and my dude three times already. 🤘🏻How lucky we are that we just so happened to be "neighbors" living in the same city. 💙 Anyway… I just wanted to take a moment to brag about my new friend. 😌 His favorite flavor of @Cannasmack is Blue Dream and today he showed up wearing his very own @HappyTokes Peach 🍑 @Cannasmack leggings under his sweat pants! 🙌🏻 😋 Yes. 😍🍑….. Wanna match us? Code: HappyTokes for 10% off! 🎨☀️

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November 7, 2016 – HempAware Radio – Podcast Interview

My first official podcast interview, where I had the pleasure to speak on behalf of CannaSmack regarding our products and HEMP.

November 10, 2013 – @MarijuanaDotCom Feature

Interviewed by Allie Beckett

They even made this cool video to highlight the HappyTokesTribe!

November 13, 2016 – MerryJane Fashion Feature

Another awesome article by @ZoeWilder featuring a photo of me rocking my HappyTokes Peach CannaSmack leggings taken by Acronym.


November 17, 2016 – HappyTokes Peach CannaSmack Hoodie Launch

More hoodie designs matching popular CannaSmack flavors were released a few days later.

Proudly wearing the new hoodie!

December 1, 2016 – Michigan Glass Project Feature in Culture Magazine

I had the pleasure of professionally interviewing Allison Key about her project and all the talented friends that come together to make a difference, for this piece “Glass with Class

December 7, 2016 – BudTender’s Life Interview

One of my favorite published interviews, featuring photos from Taryn Scalise.


December 9, 2016 – Photoshoot with Heather at Mattheai Botanical Gardens – (Ann Arbor, MI)

The Wild Orange Crush Lotion by CannaSmack just came out. I absolutely loved this entire series of photos; she did such a great job! The “YourHighness” text on shirt I’m wearing is a CannaSmack shirt.

December 17, 2016 – Festivus hosted by MichiganGlassProject – (Detroit, MI)

Shoppers strolled through an open warehouse with vendors displaying their mostly handcrafted goods on sale for the holidays. In attempt to be festive, we were thrilled to set up a tent with lights and a tree. Truthfully, it wasn’t until looking back at photos of our attendance that we realized having a tree at the event was… kind-of the opposite of the intended “Festivus” theme. Oops.

December 30, 2016 – January 2017 HappyTokes 2nd Annual Digital Scavenger Hunt

Annually, I organize a digital scavenger hunt on Instagram that navigates hundreds of participants through 25+ Instagram accounts over the course of a weekend/week. Players are given verbal and visual clues which direct them to dig and engage with old posts on pages of brands and artists featured, where they would eventually discover the answer to their clue. – Ultimately, the grand prize winner receives a slew prizes from each page involved in the hunt, while a plethora of runner up prizes are also given away. The purpose of these digital scavenger hunts is to go beyond rewarding followers for their engagement; the structure of the game set examples for proper navigation and interaction techniques. I receive many thank-you’s post hunt, from participants who “learned how to use Instagram properly” because of the structure of my “game”.

The clue from this year’s hunt announces the HappyTokes Peach Lotion!

January 4, 2017 – Photoshoot with Jessica Robertson @__GirlWithTheTattoos__

This series of photos was taken with aim to pair with an interview I had done with Magnetic Magazine (Stay tuned).

Gallery of images from this shoot is available on my blog.

January 8, 2017 – Lotion has arrived!

I will forever fondly remember the day this package arrived.

January 14, 2016 – @ErinCarteeGlass – (Asheville, NC)

On a road-trip journey to do some treasure hunting (mining gems) we got sidetracked while visiting friends “along the way” and ended up entirely changing the plans for our adventure, on a whim. I originally met Erin at #LiveFreeFields, @JasonGordon315’s family’s property.

I had the pleasure of watching her create, along with a few of her shop-mates as well.

While I was on this trip, I noticed that a musician STACE, who’s music I had been listening to on repeat (during live streams etc), acknowledges that the @HappyTokes playlist on Spotify has contributed to his reach of 11k+ playlist adds.  I was so excited to see the @HappyTokesTribe get this recognition.  (Stay tuned…there’s MORE!)

January 25, 2017 – Interview with Magnetic Magazine

Featuring a photo by Jessica. In this interview, I was asked to highlight 5 songs from my playlist, and share some stories about them. I brag about a talented friend and mention a cool experience with a famous-musician, that I got to experience because of CannaSmack’s attendance at the HighTimes Country Fair.

February 5, 2017 – Champs Trade Show – Vegas

Holy-moly! CannaSmack in Vegas! I was beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to host this booth at a popular business-to-business trade show amongst the smoke/canna/glass community. The @ChampsTradeShows crowd is unique; from the buyers to the vendors and the glass artists, there’s a very friendly vibe and sense of family-like camaraderie.

I had experienced this event the year prior, on behalf of @FuturolaUSA; giving me a basic understanding of what to expect. Grateful, as that experience really helped me ensure CannaSmack made a lasting impression on many new friends (and accounts) at our first big trade show.

Though these events look like lots of fun (and truly are), they also require lots of hard work too. Highlights of responsibilities include (but surely are not limited to):

  • Registration, locating booth space & shipped materials
  • Unpacking boxes
  • Setting up the booth
  • Memorizing important details about products in the catalog
  • Being prepared to pitch sales with understanding of retail, wholesale and distribution pricing
  • Properly documenting transactions
  • Maintaining positive energy, despite repeating basically the same thing to each perspective account
  • & So much more!!

Having cool vendor neighbors, is always a bonus at events. The @KongWraps crew was across the aisle, having a good ol’ time!  Yay for offering a 100% HEMP alternative to blunts. Hallelujah!! (Stay tuned for more fun with KongWraps.)

A day before @ChampsTradeShows I got the opportunity to attend @GlassVegasExpo, where I ran into Heidi @Momma.X_Art and her husband @XLBGlass who have been increasingly active amongst the HappyTokesTribe.

This was also the very first time that I met @GibbonsGlass. He has contributed much of his love and talent to the tribe and my HappyMail program since my early days of HappyTokes.

Feb 27, 2017 – Lights!

CannaSmack kindly sent me a lighting/studio kit which I used as an extra excuse to show off the CannaSmack POSH tinted lip balms.

March 3, 2017

Come back to watch this fun FB Live stream where I play with POSH (& my new lighting set-up)!

March 8, 2017 – @SarahFlowBeara sends HappyMail to @Katrina_FlowerGarden

Katrina is a 12 year old cannabis warrior who is kicking cancer’s ass.

Sara remains to be such a genuine friend, though I still haven’t seen her again since my trip to Arkansas. We keep in touch pretty regularly via DM; she always knows the perfect content to share to touch my heart and tickle my soul.

Sara is responsible for putting Katrina and her family on my radar. Initially she was collecting goodies to be sent out in HappyMail. But, beyond this packages arrival, Sara kindly continued to keep me updated on highlights of Katrina’s journey, by forwarding posts my way.(Stay tuned to find out how fate led me to crossing paths with Katrina’s dad… twice!!)

March 17, 2017 – HighTimes Interview Published

This article published by HighTimes titled “Happy Tokes: From MMJ Patient to Activist & Ambassador Superstar” covered some details about myself and the HappyTokesTribe,  and also explained an upcoming local event I had plans on attending.

Quoting myself from this interview:

“Hash Bash is an annual event that has taken place in Ann Arbor, Michigan, since April 1, 1972. It’s held at high noon on the University of Michigan Diag, a large open space in the middle of campus. Cannabis enthusiasts come from all over the world to gather for a collection of cannabis centered speeches and, of course, to medicate in the company of friends. My plan is to be wandering amongst the crowd, decked out in CannaSmack apparel ,so I can be easily spotted by the tribe! If service allows, I hope to live stream segments of my day via Instagram and Facebook showing off interactions as people experience these hemp-infused skin care products for the first time.” (Stay Tuned!)

This interview was featuring photos from both Taryn and Acronym!

March 24, 2017Grand Opening Event @Exscape_AnnArbor (Ann Arbor, MI)

I was invited to host a CannaSmack demo at a local glass shop’s grand opening. I had a great time and was even invited back to host another demo for their upcoming 4/20 celebration.

April 1- 20, 2017 – CannaSmack 420 Photo Challenge

Here’s a peek at the details surrounding CannaSmack’s 2017 Photo Challenge.

April 13, 2017 – #CannaSmackApplication (Day 13 of challenge)

This was the official day that the hashtag #CannaSmackApplication surfaced. I shared this video as a part of the 420 challenge, after seeing @cupcake_qu33n granted a wish from one of my live streams where I mentioned how I would love to see slow-mo’s and boomerangs of you all applying CannaSmack. (Stay tuned for when I unite with @CupCake_Qu33n in Colorado.)

Clearly, I got a little silly with mine, which I was thrilled to see became a trend amongst this content. Silly faces are my favorite!

Am I doing it right? 😂😂😂 #CannasmackApplication (This hashtag originated officially today and I'm so excited to see what you guys add to it!) 😜💕 . It's not too late to play along with the @Cannasmack 420 Photo Challenge #c420pc ❤️ #c420pc_13 🌈 Day 13 Challenge: 🎨 "Sweet Glass " ⭐ Featuring @cannasmack's "Day Tripper" Lip balm! 💕 😆 Yes. My my lips felt extra extra ❄️fresh after time-lapsing this. 🎨 Aso showing off my @emperialglass rig, cause it truly looks good enough to eat! . #FreeTheLeaf fact: Many brands and creators who choose to use HEMP in their products continue to face many obstacles; especially if there is a HEMP leaf anywhere in their logo or imagery. As a whole, they are being restricted from advertising, collaborating, donating, as well as being denied the opportunity to vend and spread awareness at events. 🌈 Did YOU know? 🤘🏻 . . 🙌🏻 Visit Cannasmack's Blog for detailed description of how to play along with this photo challenge! ❤️ Looking forward to seeing all your entries! 😊💕 Feel free to ask me questions! ✨🎨 Code: Happytokes for 10% off with: @cannasmack . Still time to hop over to @mjmaryjanedotcom and earn a reward! 🤘🏻 I will be using this NEW APP to share reviews of the medicine I consume regularly (as opposed to content that has been assigned to me to be reviewed). ❤🍍Show me you've downloaded the app and shared your first review for a reward! 💌 (DM screen shot proof, NAME and shipping info to @happytokestribe) 🙌🏻❤⭐️⭐️⭐️

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April 1, 2017 – HashBash – (Ann Arbor, MI)

As previously mentioned, this is an annual event that has taken place since 1972. Public cannabis consumption is basically decriminalized for the day, drawing quite a crowd. We introduced CannaSmack to new friends and even ran into people who were fans of the product already!

Though I only caught Danny for a brief moment as I crossed his path in his big ol’ truck, I was thrilled to see Danny caught up with @Cannabis_Care_Bear.

I was invited back to this new local shop to help them celebrate 4/20 with their customers.

On this day, was also the @ChriscoDesigns @Reebok “Munchies” launch. The @HappyTokesTribe got the opportunity to help build excitement for this launch with a sneaky sticker release, that I distributed through HappyMail, prior to the launch. The inside of each shoe had a character from the stickers everyone received.

My final entry for CannaSmack’s 4/20 photo challenge features a pair of the Munchies Reebok shoes designed by @ChrisCoDesigns paired with Cannasmack leggings.

April 27, 2017 – Plain Mary Jane Vegan Lip Balm Release

The original formula of Plain Mary Jane was released; non-scented/flavored! The original formula had a bit of graininess to it, as the vegan formula was still being perfected. The formula of Plain Mary Jane that is now available has a super silky smooth texture to it.

April 29, 2017 – Friend Like You – Car Version

This was one of many times that CannaSmack went above and beyond to be there for me, as friends. Slightly turbulent life circumstances led me to a car packed to the brim with my belongings. Feeling a bit overwhelmed and not sure where to go, I parked my car and decided to find my happy place by playing something to myself on my baritone ukulele, which just so happened to be in my backseat. My fingers remembered how to play this song, which I truly hadn’t played in years. It brought me a moment of joy, which I eventually decided to take out my phone and record to later share.

“Friend Like You” was originally written to cheer up a friend, about 4 years prior (in 2012). Even in this moment, I wasn’t aware of how this song would lead me to adventure and friendship.

April 30, 2017 – “The Sky Will Never Fall” by STACE

10 days after it’s release, I listen to STACE’s new song for first time and discover shoutout to myself and the HappyTokesTribe at the end of the song!

Lyrics at end of song:
“I’m rolling up with some good vibes & we dabbing it too.
Peace to HappyTokesTribe & Madison too.
Lets light another blunt we got passing to do.”

May 2, 2017 – First time trying CannaSmack Luxe SkinCare

Even though I was all about CannaSmack, I was legitimately nervous to try LUXE because of my prior experiences with skin-care products. Kenia had to do some gentle convincing for the first few days after my package arrived. The first time, I used every product that was sent to me, and I was IN LOVE. No stinging – No Itching – No burning! Hallelujah!!

May 5, 2017 – DabNCarts (MI)

An exciting consumption-friendly event that travels from state to state offering attendees the opportunity to race around an indoor track. A variety of local extract companies had booths set up directly inside the venue with the track; due to my sensory processing issues, I requested to be off the track, away from the smells, sounds and other sensory input (which can be quite bothersome to me).

My brother Dakota and his friends came out to show support and race as team HappyTokes. One of his friends even wore a CannaSmack shirt. (Photos layered on same post)

I had the pleasure of meeting tribe member @Bettina_Kelly for the first time at this event!

It was also at Dab N Carts that I opened mail containing my first woodgrain rig from @gibbonsglass!

May 19, 2017 – Katrina receives HappyMail from BigMamaBlueBear

Katrina, a 12 year old cannabis warrior who is kicking cancer’s ass, continues to receive support from the HappyTokesTribe.

Elena sent Katrina this incredibly thoughtful HappyMail containing a hand crocheted hooded “thnead” and Cannasmack.

June 16 – 23, 2017 – Recording Studio with STACE (Atlanta, GA)

STACE saw my “Friend Like You” car version and invited me out to record in his studio. Since then, this remixed song featuring an original verse from STACE has been released, (available on iTunes and Spotify) but we actually recorded my first EP, which has yet to be released. Myself and a tribe member were flown out for the studio experience & I was able to give the tribe a very vague heads up regarding the first official HappyTokesTribe meet-up.

June 17, 2017 – HappyTokesTribe Meet-up (ATL)

We met up by the only Palm trees in Piedmont Park. @Hannah_Duvall123 and her friend @tyler_tetley were the only locals that found the courage to locate us that day, though @hay_nolan, accompanied by her boyfriend @zackdecarle drove 4 hours each way, and @smokies_bandit & her boyfriend @bavarian.m3 drove 10+ hours each way!!

Want to know more about how this adventure played out? Come back and check out this mini documentary STACE produced.


Emma being super adorable as she opens mail from STACE!

Hayley & Hannah shows off loot they brought home from her adventure. Note the @WokeFace shirts!! These were contributed by @Jay_mmj as gifts for the tribe as I traveled. She was the reason @WokeFace got on my radar to begin with. (Stay tuned for when I meet WokeFace!)

June 24 – 26, 2017 – International Beauty Show (Vegas, NV)

This was a unique trade show experience, where we were amongst a list of vendors in the cosmetic community. Everything from make-up & nail polish to skin care were on our side of the convention, while the other side catered to hair-based cosmetics and tools. Though the wholesale buyers in this market vary from the typical glass and cannabis friendly audiences we’ve been used to in the past, our attendance at this event gave us a great opportunity to see where the products rank in the eyes of estheticians & those who own beauty salons. (Spoiler alert: They loved it!)

After hygienically sampling and thoroughly reading our labels, we even saw people abandoning their staple brands and making an INSTANT switch.

Remember when I mentioned my cool booth neighbors @KongWraps, from our previous show in Vegas? Well, they live in Vegas! They were kind enough to invite me into their studio to work on some content in front of the green screen, and of course, sesh; we opened it up as a meet-up but I don’t think I gave people enough heads up.(Sorry guys!)

Despite the late notice, this tribe member showed up & got to join in on the fun.

July 6 – 10, 2017 – Chalice Festival, CA

LynSweetArt kindly hosted this booth with me. We definitely ran into lots of obstacles along this journey. Simply put, it was incredibly hot.  We couldn’t keep inventory outside under the tent as originally planned, and ended up storing it back in our hotel while carrying what we could and using the opportunity to #SmackAttack new friends.

Check out this CannaSmack blog that highlights my experience at Chalice!

It was at this event that I had the pleasure of meeting tribe member @iamgarren and her husband @honorable_scotty for the first time. (Stay tuned to hear about the multiple times we cross paths after this initial meeting!)

I also met @_snow.flake_ and her partner too, but we were all so delirious from heat that I don’t think we got any photos together.

At this event, the universe re-united myself and a soul-sister Arianne @themetanoist. I say “re-united” but his was our first time meeting in this lifetime. We didn’t get a chance to spend much time together but the moments we spent conversing were precious and quite enlightening. I felt a genuine eternal bond and knew we’d be crossing paths again. (Stay tuned!)

For the first time, and totally by chance, I crossed paths with @katrina_flowergarden’s Dad!

I watched Chris Dyer work on a mural and made a new friend with a few simple acts of kindness like checking in to see if he needed food or water while he created. (Stay tuned!)

@chris_dyer 🎨 @chalicefestival ✨ California 🌻 #happytokestour

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And yes.. This was the trip that I discovered a lot of dinosaurs and simply couldn’t contain my excitement. (There are multiple clips layered in the same post.)

July 14, 2017 – MassRoots interview

@ZoeWilder personally interviewed me for a piece titled “HappyTokes Helps Families Discuss Medical Marijuana” which was published by MassRoots and presented by @MagicalButter.

Photos from many friends including Heather were included in this piece.

July 21-23, 2017 – @TheMichiganGlassProject

In the spirit of giving back, as @TheMichiganGlassProject crew is known for, we decided to create (do some live painting) and gift CannaSmack to anyone who came by to engage with us.

This CannaSmack blog post highlights the event, including Tribe-friends ad creators who came by to share their love with us such as: @JasonGordon315 (bearing gifts!), @Senoih & @GlassbyYani, @JdMapelsden, @MarcelGlass & @StudioAnonymous, @Dano.Polo, @MedicalPandas, @_HaHolmes, @Delaquary, @NattyDreadsMI, @JakeFromStateTerps & more!

After meeting at MGP the previous year, I was so excited to have the opportunity to invite @GemMarcy to hang out and paint with me!

Unfortunately, this was the last time I saw Danny in person before his passing.

July 29, 2017 – MadeGallery HappyTokesTribe Show – (Chicago, IL)

The renowned MadeGallery invited me to host a HappyTokesTribe themed show in their space. I was beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to curate a collection of artwork from my talented friends for this show.

The show featured artwork from friends such as:

Chill Gecko

Laurian Borokum

Emperial Glass & EranParkGlass


K80 Artwork

GlobalGlassWorks & SpookyGirlArt

I painted on this MadeGallery hat the day of the event.

Hand painted @madegallery hat by @happytokes 🎨✨ . 🌻 #happytokestour

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@Rasta_wear came out to show support and grabbed this shot of me live streaming & showing off the glass case.

@rasta_wear @madegallery

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Dressed with Tribe-pride, I paired a @slit_weave top with my new Wild Orange Crush CannaSmack leggings!

Not only did Gina “Boots” contribute her artwork for this show, but she also showed up in person with her friend @Kc_real_deal .

@Jay_mmj and many other friends came out to show their support for this gallery showing. This was my first time meeting Jay in person, though as I previously mentioned, she had already shared her sincerest of love by introducing myself and the tribe to @WokeFace’s artwork!

Loot from the HappyTokesTribe show hosted by MADE gallery.

The upmost gratitude to all of the creators who contributed their artwork and love to this event. It was my first time organizing anything of this nature and I simply couldn’t have done it without all of their support.

August 8-12, 2017 – BIG Industry Show – (New York, NY)

I had always wanted to go to New York. Yes, visiting #LiveFreeFields in up-state NY was awesome, but experiencing the city of New York itself was a dream since my childhood, yet I hadn’t made it to the city until this very trip. Beyond the awesome work experience, and friends I encountered along the way, I was quite empowered by the moments of my down time spent roaming the streets and discovering the city. Times Square lit my heart on fire; there was something extra special about experiencing it for the first time all by myself.

@Nug_Honey originally came up as I was trying to figure out a solution to some work-related arrangements for the show. She impressed me with her understanding of the fact that she caught me at a bad time; she came back when I was less scrambled and we said proper hellos. The following morning, @Nug_Honey walks up with a giant Pineapple Juice for me! (This act of kindness will forever remain in my heart!)

She also opened up her home to me, on my last day in NY; I had to check out of my hotel and had too much downtime before my flight. Of course, we used the time to make sure I was properly medicated for my travel adventures.

The following Instagram post highlights some awesome people I connected with on this trip. (Contains multiple stacked images.)
@mwash52 @st0nerbarbie @visinequeen @ibudyou @stonedbynatureny @moodmats @higherstatecreations @nugtools & more!

😄 NYC was a blast. 🙈 I'm exhausted physically but mentally motivated and excited about all the new connections I've made while traveling this summer. 🌻 #happytokestour ❤️ This first photo was taken by @thejohnoshow, on my way out of the @bigindustryshow. We were exchanging intros when NFL player turned cannabis advocate: Marvin Washington @mwash52 walked up (second photo). 💕 . . I also had the pleasure of meeting many tribe members such as @nug.honey (3rd photo) @st0nerbarbie @visinequeen (4th photo taken by @ibudyou) @stonedbynaturenj @moodmats @higherstatecreations @nugtools and more… (brain farts 💨 please comment if I missed you!) 🙈💕 . . . Reuniting after 6 years, my friend Enxhi @enxhimerpeza (5th photo) was kind enough to invite me for a tour of the Paramount building where she works. 🎶 After walking through ADA, @warnermusic (6th & 7th photos) and @atlanticrecords, we went to an incredible outdoor showcase by @charlottecardin, who is newly signed to Atlantic. 👑💕 . I'm so grateful I got to experience this all thanks to @cannasmack! 🙌🏻 🍑 I had the pleasure of introducing @cannasmack to lots of new faces, along with hearing incredible feedback from people who've interacted with the brand in the past. ✨ . . 😊 Back home in Michigan for a few more days before departing for @theseattlehempfest. ⭐️ I've read lots of posts from others who plan on attending and am so excited to give HEART HUGS to everyone! ❤️ Come see me at the @cannasmack booth! . 💦 Code: HappyTokes for 10% off at Cannasmack.com

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While in NYC, I had a little down time and got a chance to catch up with my friend Enxhi; we went to school and were in choir together. Enxhi now works in the Atlanta Records Studio and was kind enough to give me a tour!

I was also invited to a live performance of one of their newly signed artists, Charlotte Cardin. 

August 18 – 21, 2017 – Seattle Hempfest – (Seattle, WA)

Check out this CannaSmack blog post (https://cannasmack.com/hempfest-highlights-seattle-2017/ ) for highlights of our adventure at HempFest. I was so grateful to create memories with people such as: @JennyWakeandBake & @ZachIrie420, @SilencedHippie, @Momma.X_Art and her daughter Marlee, @BryceBt15, @chronicofbellingham and SO many more.

Katie @SmokeyTokePrincess and I united physically for the very first time at this event. Though we spent precious moments in the company of one another amongst friends, we both felt like we didn’t get nearly enough time together, and vowed we’d be making plans to cross paths again soon. (Stay tuned… we did!) Heidi @Momma.x_Art also introduced me to her little angel Marlee, for the first time.

This was also the first time I met Kenia in person! Though, she was being a bit camera shy and we didn’t grab any photos together, I was thrilled to see her wearing the @BlairArtGlass pendant I passed along to her, which came from our first year at Michigan Glass Project.

I was united with so many friends at this event, that truthfully its would all have been a blur had it not been for the copious photos we took. As I was putting this blog post together I realized that I met Christy @fuerbnath at HempFest also. Christy has since been a true friend to me and many other tribe members.

The universe aligned once more, to unite me with @Katrina_FlowerGarden’s dad again! This time, he got to meet Kenia and personally thank her for all the love CannaSmack has send their way.

Forever-melting over this family came up to tell me they loved my song “Friend Like You (Remix)” Featuring STACE. The parents and the kiddos were so kind; charged me with the most sincere love.

September 27, 2017 – CannaSmack LUXE Photoshoot with Taryn Scalise.

Taryn has been in my life for so long that I can’t quite remember our first time connecting. Surely, it had something to do with modeling and photography/makeup (Taryn is an insanely talented MUA too!). As you’ve seen, her photos of me from a previous shoot we did together were published with many of my interviews.

This time around, Taryn and I were tasked to come up with a series of photos for the CannaSmack LUXE line. We met up at @Muse_Atelier_Vintage, who kindly lent studio space and apparel to our project.

Floatin' on Hemp! ☁️ Courtesy of @Cannasmack LUXE Premium Skin Care. Photo by the magical @tarynescalise 🔮 . Cleansing Oil – Clarifying Polish – Toner Spritz – Daytime & Nighttime moisturizers – Revitalizing Serum – Hemp Infuser Oil & More! . . As I mentioned in my last post: Drug store skin care and cosmetics are overflowing with unnecessary filler ingredients, over-abrasive scrubbing or foaming agents, and poorly sourced ingredients (Think; all coconut oil does not come from the same place. How and where each ingredient is sourced significantly effects the final product.) And though there is an apparent shift in the market, many companies still abide by unethical practices in manufacturing or testing their products. 🙏🏻 It is *so* important that we make a conscious effort, for ourselves and the ones we love, to eliminate products that are deceitful from our routines. – You can do it! I believe in you!! 😊🙌🏻 . Cannasmack's shining ingredient "Hemp Seed Oil" has many benefits including being rich in Omega 3&6 fatty acids; Vitamins A, B, D & E. ✨ Hemp Seed Oil is naturally non-comedogenic (meaning it won't clog your pores causing any kind of irritation or blackheads). ✨ Additionally, Hemp Seed Oil has a phenomenal absorption rate; in comparison to a synthetic product which may just sit on top of your skin. . . Cannasmack's HSO is comes from Cold Pressed Hemp Seeds sourced from the state of Oregon. 💕 . Cannasmack products are produced in a sterile lab by a professional chemist. 😊 – – – While you're clicking around Cannasmack.com today, be sure to peek at the NEW 'Made to Order' Pillow options! 😍🌈 Previously, there was only a Maui Wowie pattern; but now there's a pillow to match every flavor… even a new flavor that has yet to be released! 🦄 . . ✏️ As always, I appreciate it when you make an effort to share your positive experiences with Cannasmack on my posts for others to read. 💕 I also extra-appreciate when you share a bit of kindness with someone that you've yet to meet here & sincerely make a new friend! 👑 You are so truly amazing. 🙏🏻✨ Thank you for always lifting each other up!💕 . . Code: HappyTokes for 10% off at Cannasmack.com 🍑🍉

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I always feel so comfortable working with Taryn! Here’s a few behind the scenes moments:

October 4, 2017 – Danny & M.Hodgkins HappyMail

Though many friends HappyMailed back and fourth with Danny, this particular package hit me in the feels. @Hodgkins2013 is a cancer survivor who I’ve noticed regularly makes the most sincere effort to brighten the spirits of those who are battling a beast he is all too familiar with. CannaSmack has donated lip balm to @Hodgkins2013 in effort to be part of his admirable efforts.

It’s important to recognize how big of a positive impact that something like receiving a surprise package from a friend, can have on anyone who is actively overcoming their existence. Forever proud of every soul who made an effort to acknowledge our dear friend Danny, in the time he had with us.

October 15- 22, 2017 – HappyTokesTribe funded trip to Colorado

Believe it or not: I, HAPPY-Tokes, struggle with depression, amongst many other physical and mental complications. Leading up to this particular point in time was incredibly overwhelming. I expressed to the Tribe that I desperately needed to ‘get away’ for a bit. In a matter of 3 days, I sold enough of my original artwork to fund an entire journey: plane ticket, rental car, gas & hotel! Tribe members who contributed to my ability to travel were thanked in posts along my journey.

After landing in Denver, I drove south to Durango. A digital map says it’s a +6 hour drive, but surely I made many stops along the way; the natural wonders along this drive alone were worth the entire trip! Once in Durango,  I took the woodgrain piece from @GibbonsGlass (opened at DabNCarts) to visit its creator and birthplace. I also got the chance to hike some mountains and re-charge my soul in nature.

Then I made the long drive back to Denver to meet up with Katie, @SmokeyTokePrincess. She made the drive from Wyoming to spend some time with myself and some other tribe members.

Amongst all the fun, we got a chance to do a live stream from our hotel room using the CannaSmack Luxe line.

Our biggest regret from our time together was in the form of a deceptive box of Vegan donuts. “Just for photos!”, we lied to ourselves. I had a donut in my hand one second, and the next… it was gone. Jelly dripping down my face. Regret set in heavy not long after… but this screen shot of Katie smashing a donut made it all better.

I didn’t plan much for this trip, but once I was out there I realized I needed a place to meet up with the tribe. DipStickVapes kindly offered their office space for our meet-up location. Katie and I met up with a group of TRIBE the night before the meet-up, as we walked around the city. The day of the meet up was my last day in CO… I was actually racing to make my flight immediately after we all parted ways.

I absorbed LOVE from tribe friends such as: @WhitsSmokeTrail, @CupCake_Qu33n, @CheechTokes, @Dabba_The_Hutt, @Auberry_lee, @HighDuh & @TheTeenyToker

One moment I find myself wishing I had girlfriends in real life, then I travel to Colorado and the whole squad that showed up to the HappyTokesTribe official Meetup was ladies! ❤️ Sometimes I forget how REAL you all are! 🙏🏻💕🌈 Really cool. Really funny. Really flippin' real!! 😲😍 . . 💕 Huge thanks for my new friends at @dipstickvapes for hosting our get together, last minute. I loved having the opportunity to sesh with everyone paired with the chance to explore the city on foot, taking photos in front of beautiful artwork. 🎨 . . 🌈 The rainbow spirit in my soul has been nurtured with love and happiness thanks to all of these beautiful, talented and inspiring women. 💕 Thank you all so much for showing up! 😭 You made me feel so very special. ✨ I loved watching you interact with one another in real life too… the sweetness overload! ✨❤️🙌🏻 . . 🌻 #happytokestour ✨ Colorado . . Extra thanks to everyone who made this trip possible! So many people helped contribute financially to my last minute Colorado adventure! ✨ I'd like to take a quick moment to thank the top supporters who purchased well over $20 of stickers and artwork, making this dream come true! 🌈 @ceason_41 @hannah_duvall123 @smokies_bandit @happycampersthc @sunflowergirl_22 @thecannaboss @the.dankfairy @nikkoila @cannabannana710 @honeyriver710 . . Tap photo to see tags for all the amazing humans in this photograph. 🌈 . . ❤️ Leave comments on this photo to tell me something you love about anyone you see here! 💕 🌈 Select kind comments will be rewarded with HappyMail! 😊💕 Don't know anyone in this photo yet? Go check out their pages and see what you have in common! 🙌🏻🌈

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We made a point to explore the local art district on foot to take some extra content for DipStickVapes as a thank you for hosting our meet-up.

And managed to create some truly precious memories along the way.

Nov. 17, 2017 – Farewell to a Dear Friend

Now before your read this with a heavy heart I must remind you, as I reminded Danny’s friends and family when I spoke at his celebration of life ceremony: ‘Energy can not be created or destroyed; only transferred.’ Before his passing, Danny intentionally transferred his energy to so many incredible souls amongst the HappyTokesTribe. He is with us always.

Danny @Dano.Polo and I were close, but I still cant help but regret moments I didn’t make more effort to spend time with him. We kept in touch digitally. On occasion, he would even send me rather detailed biographical emails, as he hoped I would tell his story someday. He loved watching my stories and always reminded me how much he appreciated being able to live vicariously through my adventures. All the way leading up to my last trip in Colorado, he was sure to let me know he was with me through the screen.

Our dear friend Danny Polovich @dano.polo passed away this week. 💔 So many of you were shining lights in his life as he battled cancer; sharing the rawest of his emotions so fearlessly. – – Danny and I connected through the HappyTokesTribe, and the graces of the universe guided him to me in physical presence too. We reside in the same state, and for a while even in the same city. 🌈 I have so many beautiful memories of Danny showing up to local art and cannabis events to support myself and the countless friends he made in the community; despite the battle his body was fighting. – Instantly upon feeling welcomed he immersed himself into this Tribe in every way he could; he collected new friends like they were Pokémon, CHERISHED THE FUCK out of artwork.. he sent HappyMail to many of us.. and he truly went above and beyond in being a good human in real life! – – The word of Danny's passing has privately made its way to many of you already. I've been receiving so many messages filled with loving memories as well as heart wrenching stories of plans that were made… many of us, myself included, took time for granted. – I know it's just my way of coping but my heart weighs with guilt for not making that one last phone call, for not going on the walk he wanted to go on with me before it snowed. I ache in so many ways and I'm sure this news has affected many of you deeply as well. Please know how much Danny loved us all. Individually and as a whole. He regularly updated me with stories of how tribe friends would make him feel special. You truly changed his life. – – In forever loving memory of my buddy Danny @dano.polo ❤️ Thank you for sharing your strength with me, friend. Thank you for proving to me there is a greater purpose to these connections we make. ✨ You will be in my heart forever more. 🌈 – Danny started a movement before he passed. With a singular hashtag, he told us exactly what he wants us to do in his memory. #DabsForDanny – 🙏🏻Please leave your memories and well wishes in the comments below. I will be sure his family sees this post.

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This video was from the first day Danny and I met. We were both medicating with my pieces made by @JasonGordon315, and if you watch carefully, you’ll even see Jason walk past us as we take the clip.

Danny’s family passed along a handful of his belongings to me upon his passing. One very special item included a pendant he has literally just purchased from GibbonsGlass as I was making my plans for a trip to Colorado. Danny received his Gibbo pendant before his passing, and put it on a thick metal chain. I now bring that necklace with me every where I travel, even if I’m not wearing it directly.

Amongst many regular reminders of my dear friend, I think of Danny every single time I smell or use CannaSmack’s Blue Dream. He was sure to make known that Blue Dream was hands-down his favorite flavor. At his celebration of life ceremony, CannaSmack was mentioned several times by his family & friends in their speeches. He made it very well known that this lip balm was incredibly special to him.

In his time with us, he even proudly rocked CannaSmack’s BlueDream hoodie and leggings, (paired with his HappyTokes Peach CannaSmack leggings!)

Dec 6 – 13 – Trip from Oregon to California for Emerald Cup

I flew into Oregon with plans to meet-up with some friends before driving to California for @TheEmeraldCup. This was a self funded trip; though I was not traveling alone this time. Truthfully, I was in a very dark place in my head and heart still. I was still processing everything leading up to losing my dear friend, amongst additional personal drama in my world. I was determined to make the most out of my experiences, and was grateful I got to start the trip off on such a positive note. The women at the following tribe meet-up were kind enough to spend some time HEALING with me, as we took a few moments to reminisce about our fallen friends & send our love to their eternal spirits.

December 7, 2017 – WokeFace HappyTokesTribe Meetup

Where to I begin? Simply tickled by this creator from the moment @Jay_MMJ introduced me to her work. My personal series “HappyLeaf” contains a third eye, so that was my first draw of attraction but then I saw how incredible her entire collection of work is. I truly admire her ability to expand upon her OG WokeFace in so many clever ways. 

Janet was kind enough to open her home to us for a HappyTokesTribe Meet-Up.

Every inch of her space, was beautifully decorated with her artwork and the artwork of her friends. It made me so happy!! Even the bathroom!!

5 points: Guess who's adorably decorated bathroom this is? 🎨😍

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I was so thrilled to connect with all the tribe members who showed up!
Here’s some pics of me and @DorsieHathaway  & @LaughingFlowerChild

met @laughingflowerchild yesterday! so much fun!

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Dorsie pulled out her DipStickVapes  and it made my heart so happy!

@TheCharmedMisfit who attended the meet up with Dorsie, has continued to show such support of WokeFace. As a Portland local herself, I loved hearing the story of how she was initially introduces to WokeFace art.

@Fuerbnath: After meeting for the first time at HempFest in Seattle, WA, this lovely soul came to hang out at the WokeFace meet-up. She had to leave early for work, and I don’t think we got any photos together this time around, but I was so grateful she made time to share her love with us!

(Side note: CannaSmack was with us in spirit at this meet up as they were all gifted lip balm! #SmackAttack)

When we realized we were driving right by the @EmperialGlass studio, we knew we had to make time to swing by! We only hung out long enough for me to sticker-bomb their studio & take a few dabs & photos, but it really felt nice to see Corey and Dawn again!

Along our drive, we needed a place to stop for a night of rest. @WaltonArtFirm “Scuba Steve” and his incredibly talented wife Lacey @LaceFaceGlass, kindly welcomed us into their beautiful family’s home. I had connected with Steve at several glass events along my journey; purchased an piece from him at GlassRots in Madison, WI, which was made by Lacey’s brother @St.George. I continue to be over-filled with pride to cross paths with such talented friends in this life time.

@TheEmeraldCup – (CA)

Bonnie @420Smilezz is a tribe member who frequently catches my live streams. courageously following through with my open suggestion to volunteer (in one of these live streams, when asked about how to get involved in the cannabis community) she volunteers at this event in hopes to cross paths with me! Thankfully, we united!

Rig: Wig-Wag “Little Bastard” made by @JasonGordon315

Before ending this trip, we stoped at GlassBeach in North California. Words can’t quite do this spectacular site justice. These videos (stacked) will give you a glimpse

December 29, 2017 – January # – HappyTokes 3rd Annual Scavenger Hunt

Official Clue # 14 ⚠️ . . According to myself and many dear Tribe; this skincare works really well. 😍 A feeling and glow, you'll feel so alive, your light will ring like a bell! 🛎 No fillers or extras you really don't need. Infused with HEMP SEED OIL, which is different from your smokable Weed. 💨 No psychoactive effects meaning Zero THC. To understand all the greatness you really must READ 📖 😄Check out the BLOG – if you'd rather do first what's quicker… your answer is hidden with our Wonder Jane sticker. ⭐️ . This scavenger hunt is a 7 day long event and EVERYONE is welcome to play along. You've got plenty of time to figure things out so don't be discouraged or too quick to think you're doing it wrong! . . I'm so grateful that you all have chosen to play. A quick tip, for your best chance to win: 📚 Find the post with a bright white HappyTokes logo; to read directions without rhyme and "begin"! ✨ . . The GRAND PRIZE WINNER will receive the most popular item from the LUXE line… The Hydrating Cleansing Oil! 🙊💕 alongside separate prize packs from each page explored. In my heart I know whoever wins, will SHARE THE ABUNDANCE, not hoard. 🌸 . . ⭐️ Wishing you luck on this stress-free exploration. Don't let confusion turn to anger… this is a VACATION! If you REALLY need help, you can wait for the next clue -or – reach out to someone else playing and see if they know what to do! 😊

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January 8-13, 2017 BIG Show, Ft. Lauderdale with Emma @Smokies_Bandit

🦄 Emma @smokies_bandit and I just finished up our last day working at @bigindustryshow on behalf of the one and only ✨@cannasmack✨ our here in Ft. Lauderdale, FL 🌴 #happytokestour . . ☀️ We are planning on hanging out on Ft. Lauderdale beach from 12-3pm tomorrow (Jan 12th). 🌻 We would love to meet you! If you are able to come see us, please do! 🌊 Feel free to DM us if you would like to feel we’ve personally acknowledged your desire to attend. 🌈 . . After that, I’m headed back to Michigan for 5 days before getting on a plane to Utah to attend #sundancefilmfestival to hand out @CannaSmack goodie bags to attendees! ✈️ Back home to Michigan for a few weeks and then I get to meet up with Emma @smokies_bandit in VEGAS for @champstradeshows!! 😍👏🏻 . . Backstory 📖 Emma is a tribe member who I met for the first time when I went to Atlanta this summer to record with @wwwstaceco 🎹 Without much of any info regarding what we’d be doing, she trusted her gut and made a 10.5 hour drive (one way!) to come to the meetup, just to have to turn around the following day. 🏆 That gesture of friendship was so golden and touching, I simply knew that she would be an important person to me. 🌴 I was thrilled to invite her to work this @Cannasmack booth with me, and was beyond pleased with how much information she retained from our brief period together & how well she delivered it to our customers. ❤️She was so incredibly professional and helpful to me at this show; I’ve been endlessly excited since we found out today that @Cannasmack booked her ticket to have her come help me in Vegas !! 😁⭐️ . @happytokestribe

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Check out this video highlighting @StonerGirlDiary’s attendance to BIG. It even shows the very first moments we met.

It was a pleasure to meet Mari & Biz for the first time here, as it was also at this event that I unpacked inventory and tried their limited edition collaboration with CannaSmack, a vegan Passion Fruit Haze! (link this as passion fruit haze) >>

A highlight of my experiences with Emma @Smokies_Bandit, on this trip, was when we were invited to dinner with the entire MagicalButter crew and ultimately celebrated @ChefJoeyMB’s fake birthday. It was a night we’ll never forget!

January 13, 2017 – HappyTokesTribe Meetup // Beach & Tattoos!   – (Ft. LauderDale, FL)

At the tail-end of my trip I had time on my last day to do a meet-up with the local HappyTokesTribe. We met on Ft. Lauderdale beach. Early on in our stroll, as we passed out CannaSmack to new friends we walked past, it began to rain.  Check out the caption on the following post to hear about how rain resulted in most of us getting spontaneous tattoos. Collectively we all got @WokeFace art & A HappyTokes Smiley; I personally got an OG WokeFace.

At first, this photo may look like a tangle of smiles and body parts, but there’s such a beautiful story behind it that I simply must share. 😊 . . 📖 Yesterday, January 12th, 2018, I spent my last day in Florida on Ft. Lauderdale Beach. 🌴 I arrived with Emma @smokies_bandit, who had been working a business to business convention on behalf of @CannaSmack with me. 🙈 I was quite pre-occupied and didn’t even give these lovely ladies 24 hours heads up for our plans, so Emma and I were truly not sure if we should even expect anyone. 🍴 We sat down for food and drinks and these wonderful women started to arrive one by one! 🙌🏻 . . #happytokestribeunite ✨ . 🌊 We took a walk out on the beach and passed out @CannaSmack products to people but by the time we hit the beach a lovely sun-shower opened up on us! 🌦 Although the warm rain felt amazing to me, having come from Michigan‘s frozen winter, I could tell the ladies were wet and cold and we needed to find some cover. ☔️ We crossed the street to an awning that read “Tattoo Shop”, and I was recording a story-snap, jokingly saying “who’s getting a tattoo?” … a bunch of hands went up and @tree_hugg3r shouts “let’s get @wokeface tattoos!” 😍 My joke was no longer a joke. 🤣 I rushed in and began the process. Before I knew it, there were 4 other ladies lined up behind me for some fresh ink! 🎨 In total, we got 4 different @wokeface tattoos and the first ever HappyTokes Smiley Ink. ☀️ Super spontaneous acts of sisterhood, that I truly couldn’t have planned or foreseen. 🌻 #happytokestour ✨ Immensely grateful for the memories and energy absorbed at this @happytokestribe meetup! ✨🎨 TAP PHOTO FOR TAGS! 😁

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@TheMetanoist We had not seen each other since Chalice Festival in California, but with the graces of social media we were able to remain somewhat present in one another’s lives. I always love watching her create! I was so grateful she made an effort to greet me on the beach and wrap me in her love!

This lovely human makes my heart so happy. ❤️😊 She’s an incredibly talented artist and such a wise woman. 🙏🏻 Arianne @themetanoist and I met for the first time at @chalicefestival in 2017. We didn’t get to spend much time together, but in the moments we did, we shared meaningful stories and connected deeply with one another. 🌴☀️ On my last day in Florida, I gave Arianne the smallest amount of a heads up, and she still managed to pull herself away from her day’s tasks to come give me a hug on the beach! 🌊 This meant so much to me. 🌻 We exchanged small tokens of our love and chatted, before she journeyed into the tattoo shop with me to see the other ladies who made it out! ✨ I’m endlessly grateful to call this woman a friend. I’ve already learned so much from her existence and am forever thankful that she has shared her love with me. ❤️ . My brother has a large group of friends that always comes by to hang out; I’ve found myself longing for something similar from time to time, but when I was out on this beach, everything made sense. I’m not very good at maintaining daily contact with my loved ones, which makes these long-distance friendships so magical. We watch each other create and grow through our screens, showing love and support from afar, until one day when our stars align and I’m graced with the reminder that I have friends that treat me like FAMILY everywhere I go. 🌈😢❤️ Now I understand… my heart is full, and I’m determined to find you all, someday!! . Please note: When I’m traveling it’s often quite hard for me to adjust my plans; as I’m typically without a vehicle. So, If you see that I’m in your area, please note that I plan to ALWAYS do a meetup, where ever I go, and sincerely appreciate your patience with me in releasing the details for each one. I often ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ and am lucky to still be graced with the presence of the most magical souls. ☀️ Don’t hesitate! You are ALWAYS invited. Your presence and hugs are so very appreciated. 😊 . Next stop: #sundancefilmfestival in Utah & then @champstradeshows in Vegas with @smokies_bandit! Both trips courtesy of the incredible women at @cannasmack! . 10% off Code: HappyTokes 🍑🍉

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Though we had to part ways for a bit, I was geeked to know that @Smokies_Bandit would be making the trip to Vegas to help me with the CannaSmack booth at an upcoming show!

January 16-28 – Sundance in UTAH

This article published by Magnetic Magazine  gives a great glimpse into my experiences along the first portion of this long trip. Tribe members Katie @SmokeyTokePrincess and Sam drove out to Utah to hang out with me and pass out CannaSmack at SunDance.

I had the pleasure of meeting Suzanne and her family for the first time on this trip & was welcomed into Walter and his wife’s family’s home during my stay.

HappyTokesTribe Meet-up hosted by SLC Water & Wellness – (Salt Lake City, UT)

SLC Water & Wellness, is a water purification store owned by Walter, Suzanne’s son. Walter welcomed the HappyTokesTribe into his shop for a meet-up!

SLCWaterWellness offers more than water purification, they also take time to educate their customers about health and wellness. You can find incredibly informative videos on their social media by Ramon and the rest of their wellness team.This shop has the most unexpectedly beautiful atmosphere. Murals all over with themes of water and sacred geometry.

We were at SLC all day, so in our downtime, as we waited for people to arrive, we listened and danced as Suzanne’s father Harold played us his harmonica.

@IamGarren lives in Utah, and was kind enough to host Katie & Sam in her home. Garren spent one of her days off work helping us package CannaSmack goodie bags to pass out at SunDance. And then, a few days later, we all walked around the event passing out goodies in the cold. As a thanks for all our hard work, Suzanne treated us to the most incredible dining experience; this restaurant “Zest” was 100% gluten-free & plant based! We feasted our hearts out. After Katie & Sam returned home, Garren and I caught up once more before I myself had to leave. We returned to the same restaurant.

January 23rd – KUTV FreshLiving Appearance – Local 2 News in Utah

While in Utah, I had the honor of appearing on a local 2 news broadcast, highlighting CannaSmack. This was an incredible opportunity to speak about HEMP in mainstream media!

An unforgettable highlight from this trip to Utah: Katie @SmokeyTokePrincess caught me geeking over a Banksy original as we were wandering the streets of SunDance Film Festival.

Had a blast experiencing a few concerts and a handful of SunDance coordinated activities such as this CoppolaWine photo booth. Wearing CannaSmack with pride!

February 17, 2018 – CHAMPS with @Smokies_Bandit (Vegas, Nevada)

CannaSmack flew Emma out to help me with event after she completely blew me out of the water with her ability to retain information and be of assistance at the last show in Florida. I was thrilled to have her experience this with me!! We worked super-hard, but also had so much fun.

This was so recent, that I haven’t made many permanent posts about it yet. But I’ll be sure to catch you guys up on #HappyTokesTour in case you missed the endless fun witnessed in our stories.


February 19, 2018  – #HappyTokesTribeUnite (Vegas, NV)

Both, Garren, her partner & Hunter and her partner happened to be in the area, and made an effort to spend time with me and Emma. We had a blast!

@IamGarren (Tribe member seen previously at Chalice in CA, Sundance in Utah) & Hunter @AlmostGonzo_ (Tribe member and CannaSmack fan. – We had met once prior in my home state at a canna-event on the same day as Hash Bash.)

Emma got to meet Cory & Dawn of EmperialGlass for the first time. I took a moment to celebrate that I had met Cory & Dawn at that event two years prior!

While out in Vegas with Emma @smokies_bandit , for @champstradeshows on behalf of @cannasmack, we got to spend a few brief moments with my dear friends Cory and Dawn from @emperialglass. 🍭 I originally met this super sweet and talented duo at this very event, so this marked our 3 year “friend-aversary”!! I feel so blessed to regularly cross paths with these friends, whether it’s at an event like this, or when I was driving by their studio and was invited to swing by to say hello! . . 📖 I wrote a little bio on Cory and Dawn, which you can read on CloutCrate.com. 😍 @cloutcrate also features an exclusive collection of @emperialglass items in a custom color shifting color “Terple”, which I got the opportunity to name. 🎨🙏🏻 . 🤩 I’m so excited about the new items I got from them at Champs: a gummy-worm concentrate scoop and a lollipop dabber/directional carb cap. 🌈 Go check out their entire collection and come back to leave comments about what else you would like to see them create with TERPLE! ✏️ . 😄 In the meantime, you can support myself and @emperialglass by purchasing a candy themed “Terple” dabber/cap, necklace, Rig (Listed as secret item A), and bowl (secret item B) from @cloutcrate! . 😖 I know lots of people buy China glass because they are afraid to invest in something they might break. 😏 I’ll just say this… Cory & Dawn have PHENOMENAL customer service! 🙌🏻🎨 Seriously, they don’t get praised for it nearly enough. 👏🏻💕 Rooting you on forevermore! 😊

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Feb 24, 2018 – CannaSmack Luxe Update

@CannaSmack Luxe has truly changed my relationship with my skin. 💕Once upon a time, applying soaps & lotions would cause my skin to sting or breakout. Some reactions were so severe I would need to immediately remove and permanently discontinue use. . ⭐️ It’s been under a year since this premium HEMP INFUSED skin care came into my life & I couldn’t be more grateful. 🙌🏻 Though the positive engagements I receive here via the #happytokestribe were the first steps to ditching my daily makeup routine, it wasn’t until LUXE that I actually stopped wearing makeup entirely; there was a window where I would regularly convince myself to wear it for ‘special occasions’ – truly because I was a bit insecure about my skin’s condition. . When @cannasmack asked me to start using LUXE, I was legitimately nervous & avoided it for multiple days after receiving my package. Kenia convinced me that it wasn’t going to hurt me & explained why in every which way to make me feel comfortable. I tried every product in the line on my first application and I was in heaven. 😍 The glow my skin had, even after the first experience, left me EXCITED about washing my face again! Dude… no stinging! 😲🤗 ⭐️I still break out from stress, hormones and sensitivities to my environment, but when those problem spots arise, I’ve got all the tools I need to cleanse, moisturize and revitalize my skin. ❤️ EVEN WITH MY WORST BREAKOUTS, I am TRULY confident in my skin! 😭🙏🏻 . 💄 Make-up is ART to many & I truly respect that. (@cambio_ 👀) Though I used makeup to express myself artistically at times, upon reflection I recognize that I was mostly using it as a crutch. I felt like I NEEDED contrast on my face & drew in thick eyebrows every time I left the house – because I felt like I didn’t look “good” otherwise. 🤫 Don’t tell younger me, but I kindly giggle when I look back at her. 🤭 I feel blessed to have had the confidence to explore so many reflections… but most of those versions of me look like ‘me’ in a costume. . . ❤️ Thanks to @cannasmack for teaching me about skin care & for creating an incredible line of products that I’m proud to shout about from rooftops! 🗣 . . 🍑Code:HappyTokes 🍉 10% off

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Today: March 18, 2018 – This marks TWO YEARS since HappyTokes and CannaSmack officially began our relationship. Just, wow! From what’s been gathered here alone, I hope you get a glimpse of my gratitude.

Upcoming Notable moments:

April 21, 2018 – Exclusive “Micro-dosing” Event hosted by Culture Magazine Denver, CO
Check out this CannaSmack blog post for details on how to win a VIP ticket to attend with me!

July 20-22, 2018 – Michigan Glass Project

August – @TheSeattleHempfest , WA
I crossed paths with so many friends at this event and am truly looking forward to seeing who attends this year. CannaSmack has invited @Smokies_Bandit out to help us work the booth; super excited to see her again!

Word on the street is… CannaSmack is launching a contest on April 1, 2018 for a chance to win a cash prize, in hopes it will help someone else come experience this event with us!

Launch of HappyTokes Watermelon
The incredibly adorable Dinosaur pattern for this label has been released on the CannaSmack website via leggings & backpack.

Here’s some of Kenia’s @BrandHypeMedia Sneak Peaks as the design came together.

Chris Dyer Banana CannaSmack
Sneak peek of Chris’ sketch for his upcoming CannaSmack collab!


My upmost thanks to Suzanne & Kenia for believing in me and welcoming me into their lives. Truly, without these two, none of this would have ever been possible. I feel it necessary to publicly thank them for recognizing my mental and physical illnesses, but also trusting me with as much responsibility as I have been given, knowing in their hearts that my health does not define me. They’ve patiently stood by me through some serious personal struggles over these past few years; I can’t express how much this loyalty has meant to me. — As a whole, these two years have been absolutely incredible. I am endlessly excited for our future together!

Thank You to all of the extraordinary souls who I have encountered along this journey. As I come to a conclusion of this collective tale, I already recognize how so many more stories could be told about the connections we’ve made over the past two years. I hope you know that whether or not I elaborated on our engagements here, you have been an incredibly important part of my growth.

** One last final little lesson; DON’T GIVE UP!! This blog post was “lost” after being outlined and +5K words into telling the story. I was determined to honor this journey by telling this enormous collection of stories… and I did.

Thank YOU, for taking the time to read all of this!

Please use all of your newfound understanding of my collective experience with CannaSmack to engage with and support us to the greatest extent you can manage. I know, deep in my heart, that as CannaSmack and myself continue to succeed together, it will present us, the HappyTokesTribe, with even more opportunities to meet & experience friendship in the physical realm.

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  • Kat Fulton

    Such a beautiful story & read. So happy to be apart of your journey & watch you guys grow & glow. Thanks for adding me into the blog. 💖 Truly touches my heart. You guys are the best! Amazing people & amazing product!

  • Danielle

    “They respected my honesty and instead of punishing me got me EXCITED about figuring out how to do it right in the future! — This was when I recognized they were really, truly on my team.”

    I consider myself blessed to have found Cannasmack through Happytokes. My skin, my self confidence is just through the roof. Not to mention, you saw your newest three year old fan.

    I’ve never had a product that I believe in so much….I try to push it on anyone that comes over. “I promise I do not sell it….just let me wash your face!” Haha. But to read the first quote after the mishap with Madison and that being their reaction….it makes me adore this company even more, makes me proud to support people who lead their business with heart.

    Freakin love you guys <3

  • Cassie Smith

    This blog post was so much fun to read! I joined the #happytokestribe in August 2017 so it was really cool reading how the tribe and Madison’s journey with CannaSmack all came together. The universe connects us in incredible ways, and it was wonderful reading how these beautiful souls were connected and how CannaSmack played a huge role in these new friendships while also rocking a women run business! Awesome blog @happytokes and amazing job running and promoting your business CannaSmack!!

  • Brooke

    This post makes my heart so happy. You are filled with such a bright light, Madison. You spread love and kindness everywhere you go. Thank you cannasmack for making this possible. It was a pleasure to meet Madison in Las Vegas at the most recent Champs show!

  • Alicia

    I absolutely loved reading this blog post and all about the amazing relationship between Madison and Cannasmack. I have been in love with cannasmack ever since I first tried the products, but after reading this post I am not only in love with the products, but the people behind them. The dedication to ensuring the best products (sending the first batch of happytokes peach back), and their ability to be so understanding and supportive (after the first EF mishap) truly shows how genuine and caring these ladies are. These are the type of people I am happy to support and will continue doing so. Much love and light to you all!

  • Auberry lee

    I’m officially in tears after reading this, absolutely beautiful! I love every moment, and every adventure. Loved seeing you guys grow and flourish together and all the tributes to #happytokestribe! Love everything about this blog post, so. Much. 💕

  • Sarah Cain

    My life has never been fuller, my heart warmer, my soul brighter or my skin HAPPIER than it is now, two years after you so graciously replied to that destined direct message. Thank you for including me and our meetup as an aspect of your journey with CannaSmack. Forever blessed by your presence & platform you have created through the #HappyTokesTribe. You’re changing the world, one smile at a time! I’ll never use another skin care brand! CannaSmack Fam for life!

  • Briana Matney

    This post is great!! Im so trying cannasmack now you make it sound wonderful in this and on Instagram! The flavors and your journey are absolutely amazing! Keep up the great writer girl!

  • Min

    Madison, you are simply amazing and such a huge inspiration to young ladies, entrepreneurs, and the marijuana movement! Many blessings forward!

  • Soren (MisfitMama)

    This was an amazing read!! Thank you for the roller coaster of emotions! It was such a blessing to find this amazing tribe you created, the people I have met because of the movement you started have filled my heart with love.
    It was amazing to meet you, @wokeface and all the other amazing goddesses at the #happytokestribemeetup 😍 I can’t wait to hug you again!!! #onedaysoon 🤞🏽 Much love @happytokes, you are a much needed light in this world right now. Keep shining Goddess 💫

  • Ceason

    Thank you Madison for sharing all of these adventures and definable moments in your life. I LoVE looking back and seeing how the universe has manifested ♥️ I know my world has most definitely been impacted in the most positive of ways by you, cannasmack and the true friendships I have made through the tribe….
    This blog post made me FEEL….lots of emotions but ultimately so genuinely happy for the success you and cannasmack have achieved! It is so well deserved and I applaud all the hard work, determination, patience and trust you ladies have!!
    Thank you again for filling my heart and soul with laughter, smiles, tears and LoVE ❤️

  • Angelina Mazzole

    I already shared my response with @happytokes but I’ll say it again here…I love her style of writing. So fun. But my favorite part of the whole article is when she talks about all the product being confiscated. I didn’t ever hear about that so it was all new to me, but its my favorite part because its SO relatable. everyone im sure at some point in their life has something awful happen where they panic and don’t want to get into trouble. i know i have before. but like she said honesty is the best policy. and i think thats a great thing to always reinforce. ❤❤ sending cannasmack lots of love today. your products are amazing.

  • Maurie O'Neal

    Thank you for including me in your journey of life and love! I love following your journeys! I miss Danny so much thank you for sharing about him! I look forward to being in your future as well. Cannasmack is definitely making a wonderful impact in my life! I would have never thought waxing was fun but it’s great. I love the amazing women behind Cannasmack!

  • Christy Nath

    Ever since finding Cannasmack at the Seattle hempfest I’ve been in love. My skin has never felt or looked better. I love sharing the lip balms with all my friends. I am so honored to be included in this post, especially because it’s a product I love and support so much. Thank you Madison for sharing it with all of us.

  • Loren goodwin

    Wow wow wow!!! What an amazing read! I felt like I was on the journey with you!! You are so good at writing! You have been so busy, but I know you have had so much fun! I mean you’re HappyTokes! I didn’t come in and start really following your journey and interacting until the 3rd annual scavenger hunt, I followed before then, but not like I do now. I was so happy to be able to catch up and really understand your journey and how you really got involved with cannasmack and all these other amazing companies/people!! I definitely feel apart of something with you guys! My favorite part in your awesome journey would(and this is hard to pick, it’s all been so entertaining) be when you got your stuff confiscated. I know that had to be a hard pill to swallow, but as you said, there are some amazing things that happen, but better/cooler/more amazing things happen when those mistakes are made. What a great lesson to learn when it comes down to meeting everyone! I also loved when your dad put on (and loved) the peach lotion hahaha that’s so wonderful. Thank you Madison for documenting and sharing your fun filled amazing experiences. I am so happy to read and learn about them because I feel that I am with you and am apart of them. I can’t thank you enough 😘😘😘

  • Kelsey Saltzman

    Never would have guessed a blog post about your cannasmack journey would make me tear up but here we are!

  • Jessica Enck

    Beautiful!!! What an amazing journey !! Thank you for sharing And being such a positive person and inspiration to many 💜 loved seeing you grow through the posts in the blog you look so confident and strong 😊 love and positive vibes

  • Jade Osenbaugh

    Badass female empowerment right there. Women are taking over all parts of the cannabis industry and that is so exciting.
    I’ve been a practicing cosmetologist for 3 years and following your journey has kicked my butt into high gear to go back to school for esthetics. I hope someday to find a passion like yours, combining cannsbis and the amazing beauty industry.

  • Mandy Lee

    Wow what an awesome journey!! I remember when peach was released and the ‘happytokes’ code came out. Absolutely love these products and the message behind them. Thank you for sharing your story 🙂

  • Ashley Session

    What i love about this blog is seeing how much you’ve gotten to grow as a person and working with cannasmack. All the people involved and met along the way helps Cannasmack grow even more! You give so much information from what you have learned and researched. It’s great to see how something this great can bring so many awesome people together. The products are amazing, and i love using them! Cannasmack is a great company and is growing so quickly with spreading the love. Your an inspiration Madison and Cannasmack for doing the things you do for the industry of using natural ingredients and keeping it vegan. Can’t wait to try every product as possible and merch. Much love
    #cannasmack #happytokes #happytokestribe

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