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  • Hemp Seed Oil

    Here at CannaSmack, our products are proudly infused with Hemp Seed Oil.   Over the years, we’ve noticed that there’s a lot of confusion about what Hemp Seed Oil is, where it comes from, how its produced, and the properties it has, so we created this resource to aid in better understanding! Before we jump

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  • Censorship #FreeTheLeaf

    Overcoming Censorship As a federally legal company existing within the cannabis/hemp sector, we have experienced a variety of censorship since our launch (in 2015) which inspired our #FreeTheLeaf campaign. With all we've faced in such a short period of time, we can only imagine the variety of ways in which members of the cannabis community Continue Reading
  • Hempcrete #FreeTheLeaf Graphic Building with Hemp

    Hemp can revolutionize the way we build our homes and our future. Hemp is a strain of the Cannabis plant cultivated specifically for industrial and agricultural resources. According to Federal guidelines, Industrial hemp must have a THC content of 0.3% or lower; making it a non-psychoactive strain of the Cannabis plant. Hemp used as building

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