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Hydrating Cleansing Oil; Soap-Free Face Wash

CannaSmack Hemp Infused Skin Care - Hydrating cleansing oil

CannaSmack Luxe Cleansing Oil is taking the tribe by storm! We’ve been receiving amazing reviews from first time customers and our loyal fans via the CannaSmack Tribe. People with a diverse range of skin-types and variety of pre-existing skin conditions are seeing amazing improvements, simply from adding this one product to their beauty routine.

For as many incredible reviews as we’ve been receiving, there’s still significant skepticism surrounding washing your face with oil, let alone even putting oil on the face in general. After all, the pharmaceutical companies have been indoctrinating us into believing that we must remove all oil from our face to prevent clogged pores that lead to breakouts and acne.

Kenia, the Creative/Marketing Director of CannaSmack shares her personal experience with skin-care. 

“Like many others I’ve struggled with oily skin and mild acne since my pre-teens. My mom tried to do her best to help me by spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on drugstore brands filled with soap, astringents, benzoyl peroxide, and salicylic acids. Yet, no matter how much product I applied to my skin the acne would not go away. Instead, I developed what many refer to as ‘combination skin’ (very dry skin with mild to severe acne and increased sebum production).  We visited at least 3 dermatologists and their answer was no different from what I had already been doing, except they wanted me to start using “clinical strength” product which ultimately only exasperated the problem further.  Unfortunately, like many others, I simply had to wait for puberty to end before my skin could gain some normalcy, but  never truly clearing up.

Fast-forward 10 years later after “meeting” Suzanne (Owner of Cannasmack), during one of our many phone conversations she recommended that I use a cleansing oil instead. Suzanne is a licensed Master Esthetician, so… who I am to question a professional?! I tried it and it worked! My natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge kicked in and I researched everything I could find about this alternative cleansing method. What I found out was not only eye opening but it actually made sense! My emotions ranged from anger to depression; Why didn’t a single one of the 3 dermatologist we visited when I was younger ever mention this? Why did they only prescribe ways to artificially dehydrate my skin? … and Damn it! I could of had clear skin all along!!! “

What is a Cleansing Oil? Why Does it Work?

Cleansing Oil is a soap-free way to cleanse the skin by using “good oils” to remove the “bad oils” and dirt. No matter your skin type, we all have sebaceous glands which are microscopic glands in the skin that produce an oily or waxy matter called sebum which lubricates, hydrates, and waterproofs the skin and hair. Cleansing oil acts like a magnet when massaged into the skin, by binding the bad oils and dirt to itself and “pulling” impurities out — doing so without clogging pores or artificially dehydrating your skin.  The last part is the key, you see, traditional cleansers strip our skin of all oils, good and bad, leaving it unbalanced and causing our sebum glands to go into overdrive producing more and more oil in a sad attempt to balance and protect itself, viciously perpetuating a cycle of artificially dry acne prone skin.  – –  Sound familiar?

The Unfortunate Reality of Many Skin-Care Products.

  • Cheap bulk ingredients are typically used to dilute a formula, for sake of maximizing volume. This is done in an effort to make the product more affordable to the manufacturer; typically for the gain on behalf of profit margins.
  • It’s common to diminish the quantity of expensive ingredients. The requirements for labeling ingredients may leave room for deception.  Despite being organized in an order that denotes the greatest to least amount of the ingredient, any ingredient listed towards or at the end of an ingredient list can contain minute amounts of the ingredient.
  • Poorly sourced ingredients sneak their way onto these ingredient lists. Unsuspecting buyers are left unaware that the  products they are putting on their skin contain ingredients that come from less-than-desirable origins.

How is the CannaSmack Luxe Hydrating Cleansing Oil unique?

  • Our proprietary blends are made with the highest grade cosmetic non-comedogenic oils (they won’t clog your pores) and they contain ZERO filler ingredients.
  • The CannaSmack Luxe Hydrating Cleansing Oil formula is infused with high-grade cold pressed hemp seed oil carefully sourced from a farm in Oregon.
  • Every botanical oil has been carefully selected and sourced to provide nourishment to every skin type.
  • The Hemp Infusion to our skin care formula is instrumental in the success. Hemp Seed Oil has the highest plant based source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 in addition to Vitamin A, B, D & E which is beneficial especially so to people with acne as they tend to have a deficiency of linoleic acid in their skin (source).

Your Skin is Worth It!

CannaSmack Hydrating Cleansing Oil is available in 2 sizes 1oz for $20.00 and 4oz for $60.00.

A one ounce bottle will easily last you a month if used to cleanse your face and neck once in the morning and once before bed, that is less than $1.00 per day ($0.50 cents a day with the 4oz bottle) to have clear & happy skin!

The 1oz bottle perfectly dispenses enough to wash with a singular pump (or two).

Wash Away & Begin Again.

Directions: Apply CannaSmack® LUXE Hydrating Cleansing Oil with gentle circular massaging motions to your face. Use a clean wash cloth or CannaSmack® LUXE Disposable Cleansing Pad with warm water and gently remove cleansing oil while simultaneously pulling make-up and impurities from your skin.

From December 21st through January 31st; Buy One 4oz Hydrating Cleansing Oil, Get One FREE!

We hope you will take this opportunity to treat yourself and someone you love to our BIG Bottle of Hydrating Cleansing Oil; which will individually last you approximately 3-4 months.

* Limit One Free 4oz Bottle Per Customer*


Thank you for taking the time to document your experience with the Cannasmack Luxe Hydrating Cleansing Oil! We are so excited to be involved in these incredible transformations and sincerely appreciate you bragging about us to your family & friends – and for leaving those kind words on our website too… *Hint. Hint.*  Scroll to the bottom of the product page to leave or read reviews left by customers.

Check out these reviews from people who have experienced this skin care first hand.

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