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CannaSmack Attends Seattle Hempfest 2016

This year the CannaSmack team attended Seattle Hempfest for the very first time; it was a last minute decision to go ahead and make the investment, and  with that, a mad dash for 2 weeks to get everything ready, including our booth, enough product to make sure we could supply the masses, and a team to help us make sure everything would go without a hitch.

I have to admit that the day before the event I was running on 9 cups of coffee and 6 energy drinks (ok maybe not that many) but I enlisted the help of my ever supportive husband and cousin in law and the three of us headed for Seattle.  That Friday we arrived and where greeted by a super friendly volunteer who checked our loading passes and guided us toward check-in. The staff members where nice, helpful, and supportive. After setting up we prepared for our first day.

As a trade show and fair veteran (during my corporate life) I was amazingly surprised at the level of support and camaraderie that fellow vendors extended one another. Overall we got to meet some really amazing people and where particularly excited to meet our Instagram fans who treated us like celebrities.

Seeing the look on people’s faces as they tried CannaSmack for the first time was an amazing and extremely rewarding experience, in a sense it helped validate the many sleepless nights and the many, many, hours that we have poured into our little lip balm company.

At one point we even had a couple of people pull out their  lip moisturizer –which will go un-named for the sake of professionalism — out of their pocket and flat out tell us to please throw it away. And while I’ve read reviews and comments from CannaSmack fans telling us they did just that, seeing it first hand filled my heart with happiness and also assurance that we will be ok.

We look forward to attending Seattle Hempfest 2017 and hope to see you there!

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