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  • CannaSmack Ink Salve Tattoo Care Balm Ink Salve – Tattoo Care

    CannaSmack Ink Salve was made with the care of fresh tattoos in mind; great for before, during and aftercare. Specially formulated to provide essential moisture and hydration to tattooed skin, featuring a unique proprietary blend of all-natural botanical ingredients and premium-grade hemp seed oil, which promote healing, as well as reduce inflammation and risk of Continue Reading
  • Soap-Free Body Wash

    THE BODY WASH YOU DIDN’T KNOW YOU ALWAYS WANTED. No Soap CannaSmack Soap-Free Body Wash cleanses skin by removing excess dirt and oil. Traditional soaps are harsh, stripping skin of nutrients and moisture which artificially dehydrate the skin. This residue-free formula provides deep hydration while protecting the skin’s natural micro-biome and PH-balance. No Suds Making Continue Reading
  • Friends Don’t Let Friend’s Tattoo’s Fade

    You’ve listened to your friends talk about their tattoos in imaginative ideation before the needles ever even penetrated their skin. Whether or not you’re donning tattoos yourself, you surely understand the personal significance that each piece holds. Like a good memory this ink should never fade. Whether decorated from head to toe or with just

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  • How to Use CannaSmack LUXE

    CannaSmack LUXE is a line of hemp infused skin care, formulated with premium botanical and herbal extracts that promote healthy and glowing skin for all skin types including: sensitive, acne prone, oily and normal to dry skin. Though directions for individual product application are stated under each product listing on our website, we often get inquiries Continue Reading
  • CannaSmack Hemp Infused Skin Care - Hydrating cleansing oil Hydrating Cleansing Oil; Soap-Free Face Wash

    CannaSmack Luxe Cleansing Oil is taking the tribe by storm! We've been receiving amazing reviews from first time customers and our loyal fans via the CannaSmack Tribe. People with a diverse range of skin-types and variety of pre-existing skin conditions are seeing amazing improvements, simply from adding this one product to their beauty routine. For Continue Reading
  • CannaSmack Luxe Skin Care Oil – Good for all the right reasons!

    Facial treatment oils are one of the hottest trends and at CannaSmack we decided to launch a proprietary blend collection of Hemp Infused skin care oils that will leave your skin glowing. CannaSmack Luxe Hydrating Cleansing Oil: Regardless of your skin type cleansing oils mix with the oils on your face allowing you to remove

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