@Cannasmack Brand Ambassador @HAPPYTOKES has helped us arrange a photo challenge for the first 20 days in April.
We hope you’ll participate in the visual challenge while also using each post as an opportunity to educate others about HEMP with #FreeTheLeaf facts!


  1. Posh Coral Kiss “Happy Face” :
    A smiling self portrait; or a photo of someone you love. Fur babies welcomed! (@Cannasmack products are cruelty free! We test our products on ourselves and human volunteers.)
  2. Maui Wowie “Hi, I’m Hemp” :
    What’s made from HEMP in your world? – Lip Balm? Necklaces? Apparel?
  3. Blue Dream “Monday Blues” :
    Blues like this make any Monday dreamy.
  4. Hoodies “Good Habits ” :
    We admire those who choose to set positive examples for their peers. We can all learn from one another’s routines.
  5. HappyTokes Peach Hemp Infused Lip Balm “Industry Leaders ” :
    With an industry full of wakin’ bakin’, move – makin’ ground breakers, we’d love to hear who you’ve got on your radar. Spotlight MORE THAN ONE of these leaders in a singular post.
  6. Pineapple Express “Seeing Double ” :
    Get creative with multiples and look-a-likes.
  7. Mango Kush “Terpene Queen ” :
    Crown your favorite terpene profile in all her rightful glory! Okay.. you can pick more than one; we can’t pick a true favorite either. “What is a terpene?” you ask? Do a little research and include what you’ve learned in today’s #FreeTheLeaf facts!
  8. @ShinobiNinja RootBeer “SIP, WIP, LIP ” :
    Take a SIP (drink emojis). Show off a WIP (work in progress) ((art emojis)), or maybe give us some LIP ((kiss emoji)).
  9. Ink Guard “Ink Marks the Spot” :
    You can often tell what someone treasures by ink that decorates their skin. (If you’re not currently tattooed, this is a great opportunity to share some of your favorite tattoo artists with us!)
  10. Cannasmack Stickers “Super Stuck” :
    It’s time to show off all those stickers you’ve been hoarding…er…collecting, strategically.
  11. Plain Mary Jane Lotion “Inventive Inventions” :
    The cannabis community is filled with incredibly unique products that are changing the way patients interact with their medicine, and beyond. Highlight one or more of your favorites.
  12. POSH Cotton Candy “Munchies Mandala ” :
    ‘Stimulated appetite’ is one of many positive attributes noted by medical marijuana patients. Whether or not you, yourself, consume cannabis medically, we look forward to getting a glimpse at your divine edible creations.
  13. Day Tripper Lip Balm “Sweet Glass ” :
    Heady heaters that look good enough to eat.
  14. Cherry Cough “La-La-Listen Up” :
    Belt out your favorite tune; Lip Sync along with the original; share your favorite song to sesh to; etc…
  15. Day Tripper Delight Lotion “Goodies Grid” :
    Grid out some of your favorite goodies from people you’re proud to support. Be sure to tell us who they are and why you love them so!
  16. HappyTokes Peach Lotion “On The Shelf ” :
    We get so excited to spot brands and artists we support, in local stores! Tag & BRAG!
  17. Cannasmack Shirts or Tanks “Totally Tricky Tricks ” :
    Smoke tricks. Hoop Tricks. Eyeballs, ears and more!
  18. POSH Strawberry Champagne “Creators Creating Creative Creations” :
    Artists in action!
  19. Wild Orange Crush Lotion “Woke & Baked ” :
    Educate others about something cannabis-related that you’re passionate about.
  20. Cannasmack Leggings “Sesh Buddies” :
    Who are you celebrating cannabis & hemp with today? We love creative portraits and entirely understand that some faces are camera shy!


Our list of challenges should serve as inspiration for what to document.

We’ve provided a brief list of challenge descriptions to help get you started, but we hope that you use the entirety of your creative freedom! We’re really looking forward to seeing the way you interpret each challenge and make it your own.

Upload an original photo, boomerang, video, or (or even multiple captures in one post).

Reposted content is acceptable if necessary. * Always credit your sources, even if the photo has been edited.

Be sure to include a #FreeTheLeaf fact in your captions!!

Incorporate Cannasmack into your photos!

Alongside each challenge is a featured product/flavor of the day, which is incorporated into the challenge; but only if you choose. Visually featuring the noted item of the day increases your chances of winning the daily prize.

Featuring a Cannasmack product in as many photos as possible is highly recommended, in order to be a top-runner for the grand-prize. Featured Cannasmack product does NOT have to coordinate with flavor of the day, in order to be considered.

Visit and use code: HappyTokes for 10% off your order!
Without the discount code applied: A singular tube of Cannasmack lip balm is $2.99.
Cannasmack’s ingredients abide by federal and state laws! 2% of profits are donated to NORML.
@HappyTokes and many leaders amongst the @HappyTokesTribe often include @Cannasmack in their HappyMail exchanges!


  • For the GRAND PRIZE: Use #C420PC (Cannasmack 420 Photo Challenge) and interact with others who are playing along to win the grand prize.
  • FOR DAILY PRIZES: Play along with us daily and use the day-specific hashtag, such as #C420PC_1 ( for day 1); #C420PC_2 ( for day 2); etc…

Encourage other’s to start from the beginning of this @Cannasmack 420 Photo Challenge and catch up, to be considered for the grand prize, and any daily prizes that have not yet been awarded.

We hope to see you incorporate lots of other brands & artists that you support, in these photo challenges. TAG and BRAG!


One (1) winner per day (April 1st, 2017 – April 20th, 2017) will be announced  the day following the challenge. This allows approx. 24 hours to complete daily challenge.
If you can not complete one of the daily challenges within the given timeframe: it’s okay! Double up on your entries for the following day so you can be caught up and will still be considered for the Grand Prize.

Grand Prize Winner will be announced on “Earth Day” April 22, 2017. The winner must have all 20 challenges completed by April 21st, and will be selected based upon creativity; as opposed to who has the most likes on their photos. This gives accounts with varying audience sizes equal opportunity to win.