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Censorship #FreeTheLeaf

Overcoming Censorship

As a federally legal company existing within the cannabis/hemp sector, we have experienced a variety of censorship since our launch (in 2015) which inspired our #FreeTheLeaf campaign.

With all we’ve faced in such a short period of time, we can only imagine the variety of ways in which members of the cannabis community have also been affected by unfair censorship.

By speaking out about this issue, we hope platforms will stop targeting legal businesses within the cannabis community with unfair censorship.

May this perspective also serve as reminder to our #CannaSmackTribe as to how valuable your authentic promotion as a customer is, to our brand and any brand in the cannabis sector that you support, who likely has faced similar censorship issues. We’re so grateful for your support.

Examples of Censorship CannaSmack Has Faced

Both Instagram and Facebook have permanently denied us access to paid promotions after 3 years of responsible advertising. As a brand with a high percentage of revenue in online sales, this effects us tremendously.

  • We have repeatedly attempted to clarify, with lab results, that our products are 100% federally legal, containing hemp seed oil, which is lacking any THC, CBD or other cannabinoid profiles.
  • At this point, we are not even able to file another appeal.

“Giphy” recently notified us that our entire collection of GIFs were flagged as PG13.

  • Anything PG13 or over will not show up on Instagram or SnapChat when you run a search.
  • Since every single GIF in our collection was flagged, the only commonality amongst them all is our logo, which includes the root word “Canna”.
  • Look at our Giphy gallery! Do you think all of these GIFs deserve have a PG-13 rating?

A popular electronic music festival, which takes place in a forest in the state of Michigan and a music festival in Seattle, Washington denied our applications to attend as a vendor.

  • The image of a cannabis/hemp leaf and root-word ”canna” have raised far more ‘red flags’ than we could have ever perceived.

We’ve been denied the opportunity to make public donations to handfuls of charitable organizations.

  • We’ve noticed this often is rooted in a propaganda based understanding of cannabis, by either the organization officials and/or their major donors; they fear that publicly accepting a donation from us would cause one of their sponsors to drop their funding.

“Square” a payment platform terminated our account.

  • Original reasoning stated that our business model was against their terms of service. Upon follow-up we were told specifically it was because we promote the use or sale of illegal substances. 
  • This occurred suddenly, in the midst of several back-to-back shows that CannaSmack was vending at, severely affecting our ability to accept payments.
  • Our balance was frozen and held for 3 months. No chance to repeal or reactivation despite being able to prove that we’re a federally legal business.

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Thank you for taking the time to learn about the kinds of censorship we face and for contributing to spreading awareness on this issue!

If you decide to make any posts, be sure to tag @CannaSmack / #CannaSmack so we can consider reposting.

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