Building with Hemp

Hempcrete #FreeTheLeaf Graphic

Hemp can revolutionize the way we build our homes and our future. Hemp is a strain of the Cannabis plant cultivated specifically for industrial and agricultural resources. According to Federal guidelines, Industrial hemp must have a THC content of 0.3% or lower; making it a non-psychoactive strain of the Cannabis plant. Hemp used as building materials can help drastically reduce our carbon footprint.

Negative Carbon Footprint Building Material:

Each ton of hemp grown absorbs 1.62 tons of CO2. When this hemp is used to create building materials such as “hempcrete” it becomes carbon negative. This building material is lighter than traditional concrete, fireproof, waterproof, insect proof, and it only decays when buried.

Hempcrete is a building material made of hemp fiber, lime, and water; depending on the compounds used to make it, it can be 100% recyclable. According to researchers at the University of Bath, in the UK. “Using renewable crops to make building materials makes real sense – it only takes an area the size of a rugby pitch four months to grow enough hemp to build a typical three bedroom house”, with an average of 1.5 million plants per acre, amounting to roughly three to four tons of plants at harvest, that is just under five tons of CO2 removed from our environment every 3 to 5 months per acre.

Saving our forest & creating positive economic growth

Replacing some of our lumber demand and industries with renewable hemp crops could bring a potential $300 to $500 million dollars annually back to the U.S. rather than importing hemp resources from other countries. Our lumber industry creates an unsustainable feedback loop of demand, hemp can meet that demand and eliminate carbon from our atmosphere at a faster rate when used in building materials. We can build houses faster cheaper and greener than ever before, and make money doing it. We can help to repair the damage to our environment, allow forests to recover, and make the world a better place, this is not just for ourselves, but for all of those with whom we share this planet.

The way forward

Through positive change and positive action we can affect our world not only directly, but indirectly as well. With the age of social media this is more evident than ever before, we can be the example for others if we so choose. Cannasmack® believes in a more positive future. We can choose that future, together. We can choose to free our minds. We can choose to #FreeTheLeaf