• Transgender Rights

    ALERT: BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS ARE AT STAKE! What’s going on? The Trump Administration is moving to exclude transgender people from civil rights protections; defining “gender” as either: male or female, unchangeable, and determined by the genitals that a person is born with. “The proposal would effectively erase protections for trans people, who identify with a Continue Reading
  • CannaSmack Cash

    An Exclusive Reward System for the #CannaSmackTribe! We owe so much gratitude to countless individuals who regularly engage & create authentic content that shines a light on their excitement for our products.This reward system is our way to say thanks and, of course, incentivize further support, because we genuinely need & appreciate every bit of it. Continue Reading
  • @NotAngelinaOk #CannaSmackTribe Member Highlight

    In effort to show our gratitude for #CannaSmackTribe members, we’ve decided to highlight one of you on our blog every month. We’re so thrilled to show off Angelina in our very first monthly feature. The support we’ve received from her has been more than we could have ever asked for.  We’re beyond grateful for all

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  • Censorship #FreeTheLeaf

    Overcoming Censorship As a federally legal company existing within the cannabis/hemp sector, we have experienced a variety of censorship since our launch (in 2015) which inspired our #FreeTheLeaf campaign. With all we've faced in such a short period of time, we can only imagine the variety of ways in which members of the cannabis community Continue Reading
  • Friends Don’t Let Friend’s Tattoo’s Fade

    You’ve listened to your friends talk about their tattoos in imaginative ideation before the needles ever even penetrated their skin. Whether or not you’re donning tattoos yourself, you surely understand the personal significance that each piece holds. Like a good memory this ink should never fade. Whether decorated from head to toe or with just

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  • $420 Giveaway

    Want a chance to join us at our favorite event of the year?! Event: Seattle HempFest When: August 17-19, 2018 How: CannaSmack is giving away a $420 cash prize towards one lucky winner’s trip! (& two runner-up prizes!) What it takes to WIN! From now until July 30th interact with CannaSmack in any of the

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  • How to Use CannaSmack LUXE

    CannaSmack LUXE is a line of hemp infused skin care, formulated with premium botanical and herbal extracts that promote healthy and glowing skin for all skin types including: sensitive, acne prone, oily and normal to dry skin. Though directions for individual product application are stated under each product listing on our website, we often get inquiries Continue Reading
  • Happy 2 Years with HappyTokes

    March 18, 2018. On this date, exactly two years ago, I made my first posts sharing excitement for my new favorite lip balm, CannaSmack! Three months after our first engagements, CannaSmack launched Pre-Sale for the first ever CannaSmack co-branded flavor “@HappyTokes Peach”. Since then, a whirlwind of humbling experiences have unfolded so quickly!! I feel its

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  • 4/21 Contest – Denver Clocktower Party; Hosted by Culture Magazine

    CannaSmack Tribe Member – Customer Appreciation Contest Colorado locals! We’ve lined up an exciting opportunity for a few of you to join Madison @HappyTokes in attending an exclusive VIP Micro-Dosing themed “House Party” in the Clocktower on 4/21 in Denver. We are so proud to be a sponsor of this event, hosted by Culture Magazine

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  • CannaSmack Hemp Infused Skin Care - Hydrating cleansing oil Hydrating Cleansing Oil; Soap-Free Face Wash

    CannaSmack Luxe Cleansing Oil is taking the tribe by storm! We've been receiving amazing reviews from first time customers and our loyal fans via the CannaSmack Tribe. People with a diverse range of skin-types and variety of pre-existing skin conditions are seeing amazing improvements, simply from adding this one product to their beauty routine. For Continue Reading