$420 Giveaway

Want a chance to join us at our favorite event of the year?!

Event: Seattle HempFest
When: August 17-19, 2018
How: CannaSmack is giving away a $420 cash prize towards one lucky winner’s trip!
(& two runner-up prizes!)

What it takes to WIN!

From now until July 30th interact with CannaSmack in any of the following suggested ways:

The more you engage with us the higher chances you have of winning!!

  • Comment on Instagram & FaceBook posts! – We sincerely appreciate reading your thoughtful comments regarding your experience with our products & the humans who represent our brand.
  • Tag Friends in posts to suggest they try some of your favorites! Making thoughtful recommendations, rather than “spamming” posts with tags from random accounts lacking any comment, is much preferred. 
  • Share Permanent Posts & Stories including CannaSmack products &/or tags! < We recognize that if you’re mentioning Luxe Skincare, your beautiful skin may be the highlight rather than a product shot. (We love BOTH!) Get creative. // TIPS: Wipe your phone’s camera lens clean before you take photos & find good lighting! //
    – Please try to remember to save your story content and send it to us via DM as a Permanent DM rather than a temporary message. This allows us to save and repost! Thank you!
  • Take some time to Leave Thoughtful and Honest Reviews regarding your experiences with your favorite CannaSmack products on:
    Our website: Browse the site as if you were shopping. Scroll to the bottom of each individual product’s listing and click the reviews tab next to “additional information”.
    FacebookWe thoroughly appreciate your feedback in the reviews section on this platform!
    Google: Google Plus highlights many places CannaSmack has been featured.  
     Amazon: Some of our products are even available via Amazon Prime!

    • ** 2 weeks before this contest ends, we will be requesting submissions via a form on our website to prove your interaction on other platforms. **

If you’re needing some help brainstorming the kinds of comments to leave, (for us or ANY other brand you admire) heres some things to get your wheels turning:

  • What was your first experience with the brand? Did you see someone post about it? Did someone gift it to you? Etc. – Brands love hearing how you found out about us so we can put analyze where to put energy into further marketing efforts. 
  • What initially drew you to the company? Cool name? Dig the branding? Etc.
  • Share first-person experience with the products! If you’ve actually used (owned or sampled) the products, your feedback regarding the experience you had is super valuable! – What was life like before this product entered your world?
  • If you haven’t tried something: Share your excitement for trying it! Brands love knowing when they’ve made your wishlist.
  • Have you interacted with any humans that represent the brand? Highlight their communication skills and ways any problems were resolved.
  • Does the brand go above and beyond? In what ways have you seen this brand support others/ support the community?
  • Did you learn something? Share what you learned, so others who may be reading your comment can learn something new too!

About the Prizes!

1st Prize:

Part A: $420 Cash*
*Money will be digitally transferred.

Part B: If this 1st Prize Winner decides to use the $420 towards a trip to come visit us at Seattle HempFest they will ADDITIONALLY receive:
LUXE Gift Set featuring *one of each CannaSmack product; all lip balms, lotions, and the entire LUXE line-up!  (*’Made to Order’ merch not included*)

We totally understand that you’ve got bills to pay too, so if the winner simply can’t take on a trip, and decides to feed their family instead, we’re happy to help out with that too! Part B will be raffled off to any HempFest attendees who visit our booth.

2nd Prize:

Choice of one of the Luxe skincare kits:

3rd Prize:

Entire CannaSmack Lip Balm Collection.

Fine Print:

  • Winners must be 18 years of age or older.
  • US residents only.
  • Prizes can only be shipped within the continental united stated free of charge.
  • When creating original CannaSmack content, please feature CannaSmack exclusively (no competing products).
  • Thank you for keeping content appropriate for a family friendly audience.
  • While we completely support legalization, please do not include cannabis flower or concentrate in your original content. No functional glass. — This is simply to prevent censorship.

Why we love HempFest.

Seattle HempFest is a rally for human rights, equality and freedom. “We believe that adults in a free society deserve the right to make their own educated and informed choices about what they put into their own bodies. We believe that those important health choices should be made based upon truthful and accurate information.”  By demonstration, this gathering shows that cannabis enthusiasts can be responsible, successful and professional. The event itself, advocates for the decriminalization of marijuana for responsible adults, legal access to medical marijuana for patients, and legal domestic hemp production.

Outside of required sub-contracted employees for security purposes, HempFest is entirely staffed by volunteers. Every dime that HempFest makes goes directly back into HempFest, so they can continue to offer this FREE EVENT every year, since 1991! Nobody is getting rich off of HempFest. “By being free, HempFest retains its status as a constitutionally protected free speech event, and allows everyone to come and participate, regardless of income.”

Bonus: The event takes place in an awesome outdoors location along the water & we have a great spot!!  Hope to see you there! If you aren’t able to join us in person, be sure to stay tuned into our live stories!

Check out this blog post featuring highlights from last year’s Seattle Hempfest!

Left to right:
@SilencedHippie @SmokeyTokePrincess @HappyTokes @Momma.x_art & Marlee

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