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4/21 Contest – Denver Clocktower Party; Hosted by Culture Magazine

CannaSmack Tribe Member – Customer Appreciation Contest

Colorado locals!
We’ve lined up an exciting opportunity for a few of you to join Madison @HappyTokes in attending an exclusive VIP Micro-Dosing themed “House Party” in the Clocktower on 4/21 in Denver. We are so proud to be a sponsor of this event, hosted by Culture Magazine @ireadculture! It sounds like it will be quite an experience to remember.

We’re looking to treat a few of our VIP tribe/customers to this unique consumption-friendly experience.
Must be 21+

Contest is open to Colorado residents only. *

(*Exception: If you can get to Denver for 4/21 on your own accord).

(Please read thoroughly!)
How to get on our radar:
Create new, original CannaSmack content & share on Instagram!

The more content you create, the higher your chances are of winning!

For consideration, each permanent post must contain #CannaSmackTribe
(*Story posts are welcomed in addition to permanent posts, but keep in mind that we can only gather a collective perspective of your entries that are permanent.)

… and at least one descriptive hashtag that relates directly to your content:

#CannaSmackApplication : A cute or silly clip of CannaSmack product(s) being applied.
#SmackAttack : Gifting or being gifted CannaSmack.
#FreeTheLeaf : Educational facts about HEMP, our favorite ingredient!
#CannaSmackLuxe : Show us how you glow!
#CannaSmackShenanigans : Incorporate Cannasmack as a prop into a playful, creative or funny, scenario.

Comments on our recent Instagram posts, and on content via @ireadculture, sharing your excitement for the opportunity to win tickets to the event, are welcome and highly encouraged!!

Winner(s) will be selected and contacted privately on Friday, March 30st. Once attendance details are confirmed, we will announce the winner(s) publicly on/before Saturday, March 31st!

Madison Ortiz @HappyTokes — CannaSmack Community Manager

“Seriously looking forward to seeing who gets to attend this exclusive Micro-dosing event with me and CannaSmack! I’m so excited to experience what the Culture Magazine crew has put together! It’s going to be so much fun!” – Madison @HappyTokes

Code: HappyTokes earns 10% off at

Fine Print:

  • Each winner receives ONE slot on the VIP list. Sorry, no guest add-ons.
  • When creating original Cannasmack content,  please feature Cannasmack lacking competing products in the image (Other non-competing brands are okay!)
  • Please keep content appropriate for a family friendly audience.
  • While we completely support legalization, please do not include cannabis flower or concentrate in your original content. No functional glass. — This is simply for censorship issues


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